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  1. Hi all Yes they are the lowest bacteria(lol). I took my bundle to court on Friday, the deadline is tommorrow Monday, will YB still have to submit theirs? Mine was sent recorded delivery on thursday to YB. From what I read here they dont do bundles. More than likely they will have applied for a stay instead, but the court had nothing from them for a stay on Thursday so will wait and see what Monday brings. alex
  2. Hi all Just an update, I sent YB my bundle last night by recorded delivery, they would have got it today. I also took one to the court. YB say they are applying for a stay cos of OFT but court not got it yet. They say they will let me know if they do. The bundles have to be in on Monday, we'll see if bank send one, I dont think they will.
  3. Hi all Has anyone heard how Junkimonki got on in court yesterday. I ve looked but cant see anything.
  4. Hi all Waiting to see how Junkimonki got on. got FINGERS CROSSED
  5. Hi, looks like they missed the date but I have read on here that the courts allow them a few days grace, but hopefully they wont and you will get your money. I have got a letter from bank saying they are applying for a stay till after the test case, so I may have long wait alex
  6. Hi again been trying to get t&c s from site but cant do it. Can any one help please. Im still a novice on pc . I need them from 2001 to 2006 thanks:rolleyes:
  7. Hi all, I too have recieved the same letter from YB, dated 31st July. I only recieved it on the 7th of August stating the same as yours about the stays. It was only 3 weeks ago they sent a letter saying they were reviewing my case. These people are worse than sewer rats:rolleyes:
  8. Hi all, Bit of a panic tonight, want to get the bundle for the bank done so it can be posted tomorrow. Cant find one letter from the bank,so hunting everywhere, its probably under my nose.Oh well, ive got till thursday afternoon. Be glad when its gone. Alex:wink:
  9. Hi Georgieboy Thanks for reply, I did get some folders to use, but if I dont need them I wont bother. I recieved a letter today from YB stating they intend to apply for stay untill outcome of test case,if this happens can I apply for removal of stay.
  10. Hi all, Just a quick update on my claim. I have now got 7 days before handing in my bundle, so just checking I have got everything before sending them off.What sort of folder is best to send the bundle in?
  11. Hi Ive had my case transfered to the local court and rang them to see if I had to send anything. they said to wait for directions and date from them. I have got this,but no mention of payment, so I think I will have to ask them. I have also had an offer of 200pounds and 2 weeks ago got a letter saying they were reviewing my case. I am claiming £1840 charges, probably get daft offer like yours. Will keep you updated with any offer I get.Seems they keep delaying till the last minute but pay out in the end.
  12. Hi Rabble I presume the letter you got was from court. The allocated questionare has been dispensed with because of the large amount of claimants. Have you recieved a date for the hearing yet. When I got mine the directions on what you need to send to the court and bank and the date they have to be in for will be in your letter. There is no mention of a payment but I am going to ring the court to ask if it is payable at the same time I send my bundle. You can ring the court if your not sure of anything and they will tell you what to do. Hope this is some help to you The people on here are brilliant at giving you information to help you out. Good Luck
  13. H Tobydoby You are right, my case is in local court,that could be why I didnt get the same form as you. Must be a lot of cases if I it should take no longer than 15 minutes as my letter states. Oh well, they will probably make an offer at the last minute as they seem to do quite a lot. Will let you know when Iget a silly offer after YB review my case:D or if. alex12
  14. H Tobydoby You are right, my case is in local court,that could be why I didnt get the same form as you. Must be a lot of cases if I it should take no longer than 15 minutes as my letter states. Oh well, they will probably make an offer at the last minute as they seem to do quite a lot. Will let you know when Iget a silly offer after YB review my case:D
  15. Hi Mickc4 Just an update, got a court date for 26 October so starting to prepare my bundle.Lots of ink and paper,got to send one to court 1 to bank and 1 for myself.Got quite a bit done and getting ideas of what to send from the site threads. I have recievved the usual letter from the bank saying they have reopened my case and are looking at it again. Wont hold my breath.
  16. Hi Tobydoby, recieved a letter today, hearing is at 14.00 on the 26 october and should take no longer than 15 minutes.All documents to be in no later than 13 august. The hearing has been listed in a group with several other cases. What is the case management for? I didnt get that. There is a programme on tomorrow night ITV at 8 0 clock about the charges with Martin from the other site. Should be interesting, there may be something about YB. alex12
  17. hi rob, ive just got my court date for 26 october, already done quite a bit of my bundle so looking for good tips on what else to add. this site is so good for that. going to watch that programme, will be interesting. good luck, hope you get an offer soon.
  18. i am sure someone will advise you soon,or you can ring the court to see when you need to send bundle in. i am sure i have read on here that the court says it must be in 14 days before the hearing. 1 to the court and 1 to the bank and 1 for yourself, but it probably wont reach court. people seem to get offers just before the date. i am sure we wil be ok as you get lots of help on here from those who have already claimed and won.it it does seem beyond me at times but it is our money the banks have taken.
  19. Hi good to hear you have an offer, its encouraging news for those like me who haven t as yet got an offer. If you go to bank charges survey, scroll to yorkshire and clydesdale bank thread, then scroll down to sticky have you recieved settlementclick on this and scroll to Robertxc. This should be of help to you well done
  20. thanks gogivit will look at that. thanks conalot that will help loads.
  22. thanks conalot read your thread and its very helpful as to what to include in court bundles. hope you dont mind if i include some of them. i think we all have times when we feel out of our depth but the banks have got away with this for a long time and they should be stopped from taking peoples money unlawfully. do you think its worth asking for a breakdown of charges, even if they dont supply one it may look good in court to say they have refused? i too am a novice on pc but know more now than i did when i started on this great site. good luckand hope you get the full amount soon
  23. rang court today seems its going to be the end of october for my court date.they say i dont need to send anything until i get a letter w ith directions. so i am starting to get a bundle together. any one else any further forward
  24. Hi all, just got this letter from yb today, re-charges claim thank you for your most recent communication whichhas been passed to this dept for further consideration. we note that on this occasion you have declined to accept the banks offer of an ex gratia payment of 200 pounds in full and final settlement of your claim. inthe case of your claim we can confirm that we have reopened our enquiries. we are currently conductiin an indepth analysis of your account. please be assured that careful consieration is being given to all the facts and every effort is being made to resolve this matter at the earliest opportunity. we will advise you of the outcome as soon as our investigation is concluded. in the meantime we thank you for your patience in this mater and will contact you as soon as our investigations are complete. david robinson it was only 4 days ago they sent a letter saying their position remains the same blah blah. should i wait to see what they offer or reply back saying i want everthing owed to me.
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