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  1. hi sue stayed my claim a few weeks before case then i got a letter from court saying the bank had shown up on the day. we rang the court and said we thought we didnt need to go since they had stayed the case, they said it was ok and we would hear from them when its resumed. so i guess we just have to wait. beryl
  2. Hi, This so called debt has been passed to other DCA'S over the years so the first one obviously hasnt told of the fraud to others. How do I get them to take it seriouslyand check properly and not keep selling it on? These letters are upsetting and worry my son even though he has never signed for any contract phone ever. sorry to be a pain:evil: alex
  3. as you can tell I am new to this knowing nothing about debt collectors only the letters we recieved after it was so called passed to fraud dept. If they take us to court how can we prove my son didnt sign this? sorry to be a pain alex
  4. Hi all would it be worth writing to ask for a copy of the credit agreement they have I could include it in a letter I found on this great site about statute barred. Also should my son write the letter or can I do it on his behalf thanks alex
  5. Hi all, Still waiting for a reply from court and nothing from YB. keep you posted be alex:evil:
  6. Hi Sue I havent had any reply yet from the court,so will probably be the same as yours.The banks seem to do what they want and the courts do nothing.I think you should have got your money cos the bank defaulted. It makes me so mad beryl
  7. Hi Thanks for your replies. only the first company 10 years ago verbally agreed it looked like fraud. We didnt hear any more for some time then got odd letters now and then, we rang to tell them we were not paying a debt that we havent had. It is a different company each time. I think every time we ring and refuse to pay after explaining the story it gets passed to someone else. Some have been threatening but never followed the threats of legal action. My son doesn't live with us now and hasnt for 5 years but the letters still come to my address. Thanks again going to look at templates now, will keep you informed alex
  8. HI My problem began 10 years ago when my son had a bust up with his then girlfriend. After about 6 months he got a letter from a DDA stating he owed money on a contract mobile phone.My son has never had one, only pay as you go. After a number of letters and phone calls they believed him and asked for copies of signitures on passport and driving licence and one on a separate piece of paper.The last conversation was they acknowleged his writing was different to the form they had and were passing to the fraud dept. We thought it was over but recently got letters from other agencies asking for money owed. It has obviously been sold on a few times and a letter came yesterday demanding money owed to them and it was another company again. Any HELP on how to convince these people its not my son's debt. We think the girlfriend may have something to do with this but cant prove it, even though we informed the police at the time. Any help would be gratefully recieved. alex
  9. Hi, hope you get your money, I have heard nothing for weeks so sent a non compliance letter for the bundle from YB, got it off the site. the letter is addressed to the judge via the court, so waiting for reply to that. Not long to wait for your money now. beryl:wink:
  10. Hi all, nothing to report, still no bundle from YB, no surprise there, no letter to say they have applied for a stay yet. I have 6 weeks to the court date so time for a stay from them but I hope not. I did send a letter to the judge via the court which was a copy of Gary H's non compliance for YB bundle. but no reply yet. Will keep you informed of any developments.
  11. Hi , it sounds like you won to me I have fingers crossed for you. I have not heard a thing or recieved reply from YB. I have written to the court but have no reply as yet. Let us know how it goes good luck:-)
  12. Hi Rabble, My court date is 26th October,I took my bundle on the 10th August deadline was 13th. still no bundle from YB. The court say they havent got one either, but said they are behind with paperwork. I sent a letter to YB giving them 7 days to send me their documents but they ignored it. Going to send a letter to court that I got on here. At least it shows the court that YB are messing about. alex
  13. Hi thats like the letter i got.i found a statement of evidence on here and copied it using the parts that suited my case.still not got any bundle from YB. probably wont get one, never heard of anyone who has but i did send a letter giving them 7 days to comply.wont hold my breath. alex
  14. Hi Caro, It says ; the haring will take place at 14;00 on the 26th october and should take no longer than 15 minutes. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to court office copies of all documents on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 13th August, Alex
  15. Hi Caro, I meant that I was in court offices to hand in my bundle last Friday.My AQ was dispensed with and the court sent me a letter with the date to have my bundle in by. I didnt send draft directions, just statement of evidence, copy's of letters from me and YB, schedule of charges, early day motions,relevant case law and many more. Have I done it wrong?
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