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  1. That;s precisely what my younger daughter did some months ago over a similar situation. The letters threatening court action kept coming and the sums supposedly owed kept rising but eventually the blood-suckers gave up.
  2. I have just received a so-called parking charge notice, complete with black-and-white checkered border, from Parking Eye for overstaying their limit of 90 min in the carpark of a local supermarket by 17 min. Their extortionate charge for those 17 minutes is £40 if paid within 2 weeks, £70 and escalating threafter. There is no charge for use of the carpark, though a limit of 90 min is stated on signage. How should Parking Eye's parking charge notice be dealt with? trappist
  3. Recently, having received a British Gas statement of account for gas showing a large account credit - we are on a monthly payment plan - I enquired about getting a refund, for which a meter reading was requested. I was then contacted by a BG 'energy expert' who queried the lack of similarity between the meter reading I submitted and previous quarterly readings. It turned out after investigation and an exchange of emails with the BG 'energy expert' that owing to a "...system error..." admitted to by the 'expert', all my previous readings had been truncated on the last digit so that, e.g
  4. I recently received a so-called Parking Charge Notice from Euro Car Parks in the following circumstances. On the morning in question my wife and I took my disabled daughter - currently mobile with the use of crutches and a blue badge holder - to an appointment at the main shopping mall in Stretford near Manchester. As I entered the car park area of the mall through a side access road we spotted signs indicating a parking area for the disabled to our immediate left. I therefore pulled into a vacant space in this area, parked, placed my daughter's blue badge and timer card so that they coul
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