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  1. Thanks for all your help, I will see a solicitor because there is definitely something not right with the whole account. I’ll keep updating this thread when I get anymore information.
  2. No only the default letter in September.
  3. There doesn't appear to be any charges on the account, but there were no late payments until the insurance took over last year. The loan has been running since 2004 This is what I sent to the bank in the original S.A.R From everything that I asked for I have a 4 page computer print out with the amount borrowed and payments amde to the account since the loan started.
  4. I think it is out by around 10K, the original loan was to clear a previous loan and borrow some extra money the first loan was around £11k and I got £6k on top of that, yet on the print out show nearly £30k loan, which would mean £13k Interest and insurance There was a default issued in September 07, while the banks own Insurance was paying the loan(this is when I discovered the amount outstanding), which they where paying until November 2007. The whole thing is driving me crazy as no one at the bank will answer any of my questions. As far as I am aware the loan is still with the bank since I have had no contact with any DCA's for this.
  5. The only thing I have received is a print out of payments made to the loan account, which dose not tie up to what I have actually paid I have made 3 payments which amount to around £1,500 which are not shown on the statement. The last letter I received was apologising for not providing what I had asked for and that my letters had now been passed to the relevant departments to deal with, this was at the beginning of February.
  6. First of all thanks for responding Rory There is a Form 05, 03 & 07 and the sum being claimed is £15k which I know can't be right, but the bank have been very reluctant to provide any details. I believe that 03 is if I want to make an arrangement to pay the monies owed in installments and 07 a notice to defend. As far as I was concerned I was disputing the amount owed with the bank and had not heard anything from them (none of the usual phone calls or letters) until this citation arrived. I wouldn't qualify for legal aid as I am now back at work after a year off sick, but I do have legal cover with my home insurance. Would this need to go to court even if I have asked for a copy of the CCA which they defaulted on? I also made a mistake in my OP the S.A.R was sent early November, it was a follow up letter that I sent in January.
  7. Hi, could anyone tell me if I sent a S.A.R to a company and within it specifically asked for a copy of 'A true copy of the actual loan agreement' could/would this be considered to be a request under the CCA 1974. I sent the S.A.R in January and have not received the Credit agreement, but have only received some loan statements which do not tie up with the payments which were actually made (about £1,500 which I have proof of payment for) as well as it showing about £10k more on the loan than I believe I owe. But now I have had a visit from a sheriffs officer with a citation for the outstanding money on the loan, can I tell them that I have requested a copy of the CCA and not received it or is it too late for that? Also I paid the £10 fee for the S.A.R but not the £1. I would guess that because I didn't send a CCA letter and fee that I have not specifically requested it under the act. Or is there a specified way of requesting it? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Tom, Thanks, that was what I was thinking. I’m 100% certain that I was not told about a problem determination charge before I sent the computer in. They did say that I might be charged for the work done if the damage was not covered by the warranty, but in my opinion this is not the same as a problem determination charge. Is a S.A.R just the same letter sent to the banks for a copy of your statements? And has anyone had any experience getting a recorded phone call?
  9. Hi everyone I was looking for a little bit of advice, I apologise if this is a bit long winded but here we go. About 2 months ago the hinge on my IBM laptop broke (which is still under warranty), so I phoned IBM to see if this was covered, they said it probably wouldn’t be and that if it wasn’t then I would be charged for the repairs. I specifically asked if I would receive a quote before the work was carried out, so I then packaged up the computer and sent it away. All of that was fine and I was happy to pay a bit extra for IBM to fix it just to make sure any work that I had done did not invalidate the warranty. So after them having it for about 3 weeks I finally got a quote for the work, £10.43 for parts, so it was looking good at this point, then £186.00 for labour, making a total of £196.43 or £230 when I added VAT. There was no way I was going to pay that when I could get the work done for £30 in my local computer shop. But this is where my problem begins Please Note: I) YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR A PROBLEM DETERMINATION IF THE QUOTE IS REFUSED. The problem determination charge comes to £60.00 + VAT, now is it right for IBM not to tell me about this charge before I send the computer in for repair with the first mention of it coming on this invoice, so now they have my laptop and want me to pay either £230 to get it fixed or £70 to get it back still broken. So I sent back an email asking what the charge included for, and if this was a standard charge as well as a query about a separate problem that was not included for in the original quote. Another 2 weeks went past and then I got a response saying that the other problem had corrected itself, but know response about the charge, so I asked for the computer to be returned and rejected the quote. I am now getting bills for the £70 with a contact number on the letter, when I phoned and explained the situation the girl I spoke to said that she would put a dispute on my file and someone else would contact me about it. I have just got off the phone with the Customer Fulfilment department, and have been told that it is my word against theirs that I was never informed about the charge (the original phone call was recorded, and apparently all calls are unless you tell the operator that you do not want this to happen) and that as far as she was concerned the invoice is valid and they would pursue me for the money. What can I do about this? I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for someone to have a look at it, but when you consider that within 30 seconds of looking at it you could safely say that the hinge was broken and needs to be replaced. As well as the fact that if I had been told about this I would not have sent it. I feel like a gun was being put to my head when I got the quote. Thanks in advance
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