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  1. I offered repayments I but I have literally only just returned to work and don't get any money till the end of April which is irrelevant to those people I didn't think they could add anymore costs now?
  2. Hi need some advice please I had a 82.00 parking fine that I didn't pay (stupidly) I was unemployed for over 4 months had letter from marstons with 70 fees on top. Seeked advice from cab and Baines & Ernst , emailed marstons to offer £5 a week repayment ignored! Then got a 2 nd letter from Marstons debt now 397, which I rang and complained as to why they didn't accept my repayment offer to which they replied was withb bailiff!!! And to speak to him which was a waste of time he wants all the money... I'm now working so I paid my original fine of 82
  3. If someone has sold a cat d car without telling you then they are selling another 1 not declaring that can they get into trouble for it.? He advertises as a private seller when obviously he is trade
  4. I have put a claim in for hardship but not quite sure if im gonna get anywhere im in debt with my council tax,gas,rent and have bills of 17k in all.Live on my own with 2 children just need some kind of help.Ive sent them most copies of my debts income expenditure sheet no just gotta wait!!!
  5. i got a form regarding financial hardship my debts amount 1707060 ive sent copies of most my letters in will a financial statement just hope ive done it right
  6. my boyfriend lives alone ha has 2 children that stay 1 night 2week and 4 nights every fortnight of the month he pays 250.00 wk rent and 50 child maintenance some weeks he has twenty pound to live on would he be entitled to housing benefit?
  7. i went overdrawn 1.00 and they deducted 38.00 straight away thats so unfaif i live on my own work but cant afford it when is this nonsense gonna stop!!!
  8. ive been reading about some people claiming under the hardship cases which i would say am more than capable of doing im on a programme with cab have 800.00 arrears with my rent 1k arrears with council tax gas arrears suffering with depression live on my own with 2 children but i do work and try. Question is how do i go about it? and could i do it i had a claim put on stay i think august last year nt floowed it up cos nothing has been happeneing
  9. does anyone no if i would lose my tenancy if i go bankrupt i am i arrears around 700.00 on my rent i am on a repayment programme but have been advise dto go bankrupt im just curious if i included the rent arrears will i lose my home i have 2 children 12 and 15?
  10. Thanks i will action it straight away I didnt actually speak ti the baliff in person so does that matter?
  11. I sent the letter to Bristow and Sutour offering 33.00 a month they have sent me a reply saying they couldnt accept that but will accept 167.00 a month for 6 months Now what do i do ???
  12. Yesterday morning my fridge breaks i rang up its over 1 yr old so im told 95.00 to fix it NO CHANCE...... Baliffs turn up as posted in my other thread....... I then gettin a speeding fine through the door....... Today my hoover breaks on me my bf has fallen out with me i feel crap.....:mad::( I wk as hard as i can to keep me and my children im not making excuses i got myself into 15k of debt ive been to cab got on a programme but im so fed up i cant do anything i want to go bankrupt cant do that till ive raised the money sorry just feeling sorry and low im not a bad person bu
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