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  1. I get all that, but an Interim Death Certificate? he is not arranging the funeral I am, we live in difference parts of the country, I am still struggling with why he would need it, he is welcome to a copy of the Death Certificate when it gets issued in about six months, it is nothing to do with dislike, please don't presume that is the reason for the question.
  2. Hi, My daughter aged 26 last week died an unexpected death, her case is with the coroner and it is anticipated that we will be issued with an interim death certificate at the end of this week to be able to start the process of burying her. I have instructed Funeral Directors so that I don't have to do it later on. I spoke to the Coroners office yesterday at they told me that her father (We are long divorced) has requested a copy of the interim death certificate, I cannot even begin to imagine what he wants with this, apart from burying her which is what I am doing, can any shed any light on what he might want? kind regards Lula
  3. Surely whether there is a claim or not , it is now statute barred , not sure whether the statue barred letter or the prove it letter would be the best in the first instance , someone will be along with more up to day experience than I to advise shortly.
  4. Hi , send an email to Tom Mockridge (you will need to google his email address, I think it is at virgin.com. One of the management team will contact you , they were fab when I was going around in circles. In October 2015, I cancelled my virgin media account as I was going to be travelling for work and the flat was really just a 'home base' for when I got a week off etc and so that all my bills were still going to the same place. Work was paying for my travel and accommodation in other places so it wasn't too big a deal to pay rent on a flat I wasn't staying in. I had closed the account early and so I'd paid a bit extra and whatever. My account was closed but my remaining flatmate took out a virgin account in her name. I moved out in March 2016, informed all the utilities that were still in my name that I'd be moving out and they issued final bills etc. I couldn't cancel VM as it was in my flatmates name. So this week, moving into a new place with my bf, I try to set up virgin media, only to get a phone call telling me that I can't be given services because there's a £76 debt at a property I once lived at. (My ex-flatmate moved out at the end of April 2016 but apparently didn't cancel her account) I've since had a discussion with 3 different departments (orders, collections and customer services) who have all confirmed that unless I pay off a debt that is not in my name and nothing to do with me, I cannot get my services. I'm expecting a call from senior management tomorrow afternoon after I kicked up a bit of a fuss but legally, can I be held accountable for someone else's debt with them?
  5. UPDATE : They sent her a Complaint reference number and £30 as a sorry for harrassing her then a few days later sent another letter saying that she should show Experian the letter they have enclosed to dissassociate her name and address from this debt. they cannot prove that she owes the debt and have made it sound like they are doing her a favour by stopping any collection activities. Still, at least it is sorted now and they sent another £50
  6. the default was put on there in April 2012 by a "telecommunications provider" for £ 345, the amount then goes up to £502 starting September 2013 then there is a payment of £20 per month on Sept, Oct Nov, 2013, this is what it says on the file, she has no recollection of how she could have paid this.
  7. She has had terrible mental health problems since about 2011 (this can all be verified by her medical records) at one point they were ringing her and bullying her on the phone, she was terrified and very confused (she never told me told me till a little while ago) that she did pay them about £60, which she never should have done , they hounded her, she was in supported housing and had just come out of the hospital mental health unit at the time and we didn't have much contact, so I didn't know. but they have never actually proved that she owns this debt at all. She doesn't even remember paying them, she saw it on the credit file, she does remember them harrassing her to the point of distraction
  8. The [removed] have put an "administration review" in March 2015 on her file and it is showing a short term debt of the amount that the alleged debt is for
  9. Hi DX, the link still isn't working, they have been harrassing her for about 18th months, I would usually ignore them but she has mental health and anxiety issues, she is classed as a vulnerable person, and this is making her very anxioius. oh yes, and the alleged debt is about an old Orange account, that would surely be statute barred if indeed it existed.
  10. Hi, Posting for my daughter, she is being chased by Lowells for an alleged debt that they refuse to prove she owes. They started this phishing expedition a while ago and I advised her to just ignore them for a while. A few months ago I got her to email them the prove it letter, I forgot to actually post the letter yesterday she got another letter, saying that they may "search her credit file to ascertain her means" . I posted off the Prove it letter and have proof of posting , my question is, are they allowed to just have a poke through your credit file when they won't even prove that you owe the debt? I am guessing that the answer is no, but how do we stop them? Thanks in advance.
  11. hmmm I know this is a very old thread, but no letter from them has evermentioned this.
  12. Well, I am still unsure,you can contact the probate people, but if she wont answer your letters I don't know what else you can do. I would complete the forms and send them off to the Probate Court and see what is said, if the will is clear that she is getting a certain amount then I don't think you will need a marriage certificate.
  13. You do not need a solicitor to apply for probate, if this lady has ignored your letters and you do not even have an proof that an alleged marriage took place you can do this yourself http://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/HMCTS/GetForm.do?court_forms_id=735
  14. Does the will mention the alleged marriage? When was the will made, before or after the alleged marriage?
  15. Hi, I don't understand why you need a marriage certificate to gain probate, If your late father left her something in his will and made you and your brother the main beneficiaries and executors, you do not need the marriage certificate to pay her what she was left. Who advised you that you need proof of marriage to gain probate?
  16. Even though you acknowledged it after 7 years , it still doesn't start the clock again.
  17. hi , once your alleged debt is statute barred , it remains statute barred , end of .
  18. Hi, firstly, my partner and I, along with our child have lived in this house since 2011 and in this street since 2006. Last year I applied for his secondary school place and was awarded the school of our choice, the school is 250 metres or so from our front door (one of the reasons that we moved to this street in 2006). Last week I received a letter from the LEA Admissions officer telling me that I had to prove where i lived in October last year, they want 5 pieces of paper, 2 of which are A V5 document , I dont own a car, my partner buy s and insures our cars, also, proof of receipt of CB and or Tax Credit, we receive neither of these. I cannot ring them until Monday, but this sounds very strange, part of the letter states that he is not necessarily doubting where I live or where our son lives, actually, that is precisely what it sounds like to me. Whilst we have nothing to hide and have not made a fraudulent application, I cannot provide them with something that I do not possess, does anyone have any advice please.
  19. Right oh Boss
  20. Yes, SLC own it
  21. thanks DX, I heard somewhere that they are getting a bit cheeky, but even if they take her to court, she has nothing, owns nothing of value, and it on benefits.
  22. Hi All My daughter had to leave uni just before the end of her first year (this was about 4-5 years ago) , since then, the SLC have harrassed her for an "overpayment " of her maintenance grant. I have consistently told them that she is on benefits and has NO spare money each week. Firstly they sold it on to Drydens and now Advantis. One day, when she is well and working , she will be able to pay this, but , she is still on ESA, receiving help, she is steadily getting better but still isnt ready to return to work and even if she was, there is no way that she would be able to repay this money for a good few years, I showed the first DCA copies of her ESA award and now I am having to deal with another one! I have a few questions. Is there a letter that I can use to get them off her back because if they harrass her, she will relapse and they will NEVER get their money. Also, if the SLC sell the debt to a third party, doesnt it become a normal loan and thus can become statute barred? thanks for your help.
  23. Lula

    NHS perscription charge

    Well, it seems I am wrong, on the pnsc, it says they are charged as two items, at that rate, it is cheaper to buy off prescription, but I have been charged as one item before. http://psnc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Multi_Charge_2012.pdf
  24. Lula

    NHS perscription charge

    not sure, but I have had it on prescription and only was charged for one item, let me have a trawl around.
  25. Lula

    NHS perscription charge

    You need to speak to the manager of the pharmacy, if you get no joy then your local health authority should be able to help.
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