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  1. Hi I bought some cheap cotton from Dunelm mills some weeks ago to make non functioning curtains for my daughter's new house. The cotton was cheap as it is a lining fabric but it was the colour ways that I wanted, irrespective of the price. I thought it might shrink when washed but I made them longer so didn't was them before I made them up as it was a question of time. When they came out of the machine after a cool wash, the cream was now pink due to a colour run and the desired effect was lost. I contacted the company to let them know incase anyone else should buy it and cause a problem f
  2. Hi I bought a nokia 6280i phone from a company in Swansea called ST1000 and the phone on an 18 month contract with the 3g network. To cut a long story short, the phone only worked for a couple of weeks, I refused a repair initially as I wanted another phone altogether as the model is notorious for failing, everyone I know who had this phone have had problems with it. 3G said no way, ST1000 have ignored all my calls and letters after telling me to just claim on my insurance, which I paid in full at time of purchase. The fault is not of my doing so I didn't see why I should have to pay a £45 e
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