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  1. Right - I have completed letter 4 from 'rejecting offers' as the lloyds letter only says 'final response' not full and final settlement. They have ten days to respond, so I will wait and see. Thanks again for all your help - you are fab!!
  2. Thanks for those. will get reading and will complete the MCOL tomorrow! Will keep you all posted on my progress.
  3. Hi, this is my first post and I would appreciate some assistance with my battle with Lloyds. Some history first - I requested details of the last 6 years charges in February, I followed the path thereafrer sending all of the letters, inbetween, receiving acknowledgements, etc. Anyway, the point came to start court proceedings some weeks ago and I had not received an offer or refusal. I didn't have the £120 to start the claim so I haven't started it yet. On Friday I received a letter offering £750 in full settlement and any pending charged waived. My full claim is for £1,719 and my husband thinks I should continue to pursue the rest of the money. Now my reservations are these and I hope you can advise me: 1 - If it does get to court and I need to defend myself, will I need to get copies of my actual statements? All Lloyds sent me is a print out of all charges, interest, DDrejections, etc - Is this sufficient for court? 2 - Again if it goes to court, do I need to turn up in person with the 'court bundle'? 3 - On the MCOL which Lloyds address do I use, my branch or a central office? If so, which one? 4 - Again on the MCOL site, there is a free text box which asks for particulars of the claim. What on earth do I put in here, or can I cut and paste all the details from my letter to Lloyds about the charges being unlawful, etc? How much detail to I need to give? This is as far as I have got on the MCOL site, before I got scared and am having second thoughts. Any advice, suggestions or anything will be gratefully received and apologies for making it long! Many thanks Toomanykids
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