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  1. Hi I just found this website by accident & am I pleased I did. It would appear I am not the only person that has been suffering sleepless nights because of Ruthbridge Ltd & the abusive,intimidating & threatening practices that they seem to enjoy using Having received a letter from them about a debt I had thought my ex partner had payed off when our relationship ended 4 yrs ago I duly phoned them as asked to in the letter. What happened next not only confused me, but frightened me. I was put thru to a Brian Blair who at the outset was taking a very agressive manner, when I asked any question he told me in no uncertain terms that there was no room for negotiation he wanted a payment in full of £5,000. when I asked if I could pay it in installments he flatly refused. I tried to explain to him that I was unable to make a full payment, he then called me a liar & said he was now going to start bankruptcy proceedings & he will be getting a land registry search done & will seize my property, when he said this I tried to explain I rent the place where I live he said again that I was a liar ( I actually do live in rented accomodation ) & he also would contact the DVLA & he will have any car that was registered to me seized & he would have my bank account frozen. He then went on to say he will be making a personal visit in the next 2 days to seize any assets in my home. At this point I hung up as a friend of mine had called in to find me litterally shaking. After talking to my friend they suggested I contact the CAB which I have done & have an appointment to see a debt counsellor . The point I can`t seem to understand is, how is threatening me & telling me I would be made bankrupt going to achieve anything ? I have no real assets to speak of, I live in rented accomodation, I do work but have a low income & I am already paying back debts in installments that my ex partner left me with. The whole week has been a nightmare for me, it`s made me miserable & depressed & unable to sleep which is now affecting me at work. Why are people like these allowed to use bully boy tactics & get away with it.
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