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  1. UPDATE: My brother, lucky for me, knows a partner in a large law firm, and he's had a word with him on my behalf. He's said the same as you bookworm...I am entitled to a like for like replacement as the goods are not of a satisfactory quality. I'm now trying to get either the dealer priciple or the sales manager on the phone....they appear to be avoiding me at all cost at the moment.....had the service manager phone me though...very nice man, nothing to do with him, but very pleasant. Will bug them to death if I have to.
  2. Hi Bookworm, Yes it is a BMW main dealer, and you would have thought that they would have been more thorough in their vetting of the vehicle before selling it. I will call BMW in the morning and put my point across, and see if they are willing to intervene....If not, I will pursue it the other way. Many many thanks for the advice. I'll post any replies that I get.
  3. Hi, Could really use some advice. I bought an "Approved" Used BMW X5 about 3 months ago. It had 20,000 miles on the clock. After a couple of weeks it started making a funny noise and sticking in gear. Took it back in, they changed the transmission oil (something that BMW know about on that model,... why they didnt change it before I took delivery, I dont know). Picked it backup, noise still there. Took it in again, it then needed a new Turbo, intercooler, filter and some valve or other. Oh oh, starting to look like a right nail! Got it back, couple of days later another noise.......took i
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