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  1. Hi I think I might have cracked it (probably not) can someone have a look see attached spread sheet If this is correct which in the principal sum I put in the calculator. simple interest calculator - Blake Lapthorn - Southampton, Oxford, London, Portsmouth, Winchester Thanks for any help. WLG WLG Spreadsheet 09.06.10 1.xls
  2. Hi PF I have looked at this several occasions now and I am struggling to see how to get the sum i need to put in the calculator on the web link you sent me,Im really not that good with spread sheets.Can you please please help ?? Please see attached spread sheet you helped me with last time. Thanks Regards WLG WLG Spreadsheet.xls
  3. Hi can someone please check my letter ready to go off to central. Also I could really do with some help with the calc's. Please anyone:) Cheers WLG
  4. Thanks Night Owl........................... Can someone please check through this letter to central for me,also PF can you check the attached spread sheet and let me know if the figures are right ? Central Capital Austin House Stannard Place St Crispins Road NR3 1PX Date: 30/01/2010 Re: Mis –Sold PPI ***************** & ********************* Paragon Account No: ******************** References: A. My Subject Access Request (S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)) dated 8th August 2009. B. Your response to Subject Access request - Dated 19th Septembe
  5. Hi Guys Hope you are all well and you had a good xmas and hope you have a good new year. Sorry its been a while.OK I wrote to Central Capital and they sent me: Copy of sales pack issued including -Initial disclosure document -Statement of demands and needs -Advanced copy of the credit agreements issued to me Homeowner application form Various other documents relating to my application Also they sent me a CD with all sales conversations (please see below for full conversation regarding sale of insurance). FSA Questionnaire 1) I must go through this FSA Quest
  6. Thanks For that Night Owl,some great advice on here ,I simply couldn't have gone this far without it. Yes you must,the more of us put the pressure on the better. Cheers WLG
  7. Spot on Thanks PF Lets see what we get back from these first and then I will porceed with the non compliance to paragon. Thanks WLG
  8. Cheers PF. Ok Guys what you think,does it sound about right for a broker ? Cheers WLG Central Capital Austin House Stannard Place St Crispins Road NR3 1PX Date 8th JULY 2009 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST Dear Sir/Madam Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Account No: N/A In October/November 2005 you (Central Capital) acted as a broker for me and my wife (Named Above) for a loan we took out with Paragon Personal Finance. I understand that you currently hold details of my personal and financial infor
  9. Hi aa Thanks for that. I agree I think I will hit them with a none compliance and ask them for more info based on the above you have provided. I have also noticed they have not sent me any correspondence between Central Capital and Paragon with regards to myself and my account,which I would have thought they would have to,taken that there was correspondence which im sure there was.I think I will hit Central Capital with a SAR as well and see if I can trip any of these two up. Cheers WLG
  10. Hi aa Please see above numbered 1 to 7 is everything I received along with the letter below that. Cheers WLG
  11. Hi aa Sorry not been around for a while,been very busy with other things. Anyways things have cooled down now for a while so I should be able to give this my attention again. When you said in your last post: When I get this info and check up and I will probably advise you to submit a formal complaint to the Information Commissioners Office for Paragons failure to comply with the Data Protectection Act 1998. My question is ,is there anything specific they are not suppling me ? Also with regards to the Complaint with the FOS for the mis-selling of PPI,do I just send
  12. Hi Glennyw and Mey Yes Glennyw sounds like you have received the same letter as me,I have only one document from Central Capital (Broker) see post 20.But paragon did not come forward with that I had it in my own files,so dont hold your breath in receiving anything like that from paragon. Yes pursue your claim.I am currently trying to put a letter together to reply to paragons patronising letter,but with other commitments its dificult at the moment to get my head round it. If you have not already,read my thread there is some very good advise in there. Also start your own thr
  13. Hi aa Is there a standard letter to get me going with my complaint to the information Commissioners Office,if I go that route ? Thanks WLG
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