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  1. Hi and thank you for your posts!! I agree regarding the 'banter', it was my opinion that it is irrelevant whether the employers or the co-workers believed the comments were 'banter', the worker has admitted shouting them but claims that they were 'meant for somebody else'! Yes my friend is a member of the GMB but unfortunately he has only this week had to request that a different representative take over the case as the rep who had been 'advising' him hasn't really wanted to know. Also, what i haven't mentioned is that a few months ago he reported to his employers and the police three things: 1, the homophobic comments during work 2, being 'tailgated' by the offending worker's friend, which started within the work car park and continued into the nearest town 3, the fact that the offending worker shouted 'Queer' at him outside of work and had/has a video on his phone showing this. The police came to our place of work and interviewed the two workers and gave them warnings but not a 'caution'. The employer then gave them both a final written warning but then took them back when the two workers appealed saying that the incidents of tailgating and of shouting 'Queer' happened outside of work. My friend argued that the homophobic comments still happened during work hours but nothing further happened! Also, my friend has requested that he can see the witness statements but has yet to receive a reply from the HR department, please can anyone advise whether he is legally able to do this?
  2. Hi, My friend at work has been harassed by another worker for over 18 months. The other worker has been constantly shouting homophobic comments such as 'Queer'. My friend has constantly reported this to his managers and up to two months ago the best he got from them was that they 'had a word' with the offending worker, this did not stop him. After my friend raised a grievance with his employers about them lacking any action whatsoever after he reported yet another incident (and had two witnesses to the homophobic shouts directed at him) the employer/manager launched an internal investigation which included interviewing every member of staff to ask them if they had witnessed any abuse from either party (even though it has always been 100% one sided). A few employees complained to my friend that they questions were phrased very unfairly towards my friend and not really allowed to elaborate on their answers (an example of this would be the opening question was 'Have you witnessed any abuse from either party to the other?' and the interviewee would say 'No' but would then attempt to say 'but he doesn't shout it directly to his face, just within earshot' but was cut short after the answer of 'no'!) My friend then received a letter from his boss stating that his investigation failed to reach a definitive conclusion (i happen to know that 3 people signed a statement to confirm they have witneesed the abuse but 3 people claimed it 'was just banter'! Also the letter said 'both of you are aware there has been several attempts by the company to resolve your issue' (where all that has happened is the verbal promise from my friend's boss of having 'had a word' with the offending employee to stop) and 'despite the company receiving assurances from both of you that the issues would be resolved, this is patently not the case' (which is impossibly as my friend hasn't given any assurances as he hasn't ever done a thing wrong, all he has done is constantly reported the harassment) and 'as a final attempt' is offering to pay for mediation via Acas. My friend sent a letter back pointing out the two errors in the letter (the two quotes i have mentioned earlier) and that he was so keen for the abuse to stop that he was willing to pay half the cost of mediation and was willing to participate in his own time. This letter has not received a reply but he has been told when the time and date of the mediation is (This monday). Am i right in thinking that my friend has been very harshly treated by his employers? And would you agree that it looks very likely that my friend and the offending employee are basically close to being sacked?
  3. Hi everyone, just an update as we have nearly come to the end of the (very long) line: My mum's current fridge uses 880kwh per year, this is being replaced on Wednesday with a fridge-freezer that uses a quoted 260kwh. This should bring the weekly usage down by around 11 kwh. Next i believe that my dad is thinking of replacing his fridge-freezer and small chest freezer (1460 kwh per year) with a a single fridge-freezer that uses a quoted 260 kwh per year. This should bring the weekly usage down a further 23 kwh!! Also, i've just signed them up to EDF which should change their current monthly bill of £65 to £52!! (thanks to Surfer01 but EDF worked out better on the whole! Appreciate the advice though!!) Now then, did i read something about a power saving plug for Desktop computers somewhere please?
  4. Hello again! I was hoping i could ask for a wee bit of help? Im looking for a new fridge for my mum, i have found quite a few on the Argos website that has wonderful options to filter out ones you need and do not need such as A/A+/A++ rated, price range etc but unfortunately i cant seem to locate any that have ice boxes in. Now i have learned that the term 'Larder fridge' means no ice box but i have yet to find any with ice boxes in under the search of 'fridge'! The only other term usable is 'fridge freezer' which is not what i want as my mum is sticking with her chest freezer that uses 1kwh per day (as opposed the her fridge that uses 2.5kwh per day!) Ps- The Which website offers plenty of fridges with and without ice boxes but, rather annoyingly, uses cost in pounds per year instead of kwh per year!
  5. Ha ha ha, that did make me laugh quite a bit!! :p Yes, good thinking there, i shall certainly do that, i also think im going to take the plunge+buy one of those plugs you mentioned that i've been threatening to buy for ages on here!! I now have my 72hours worth of readings of my dad's fridge-freezer and small freezer so i have a rough idea of how much they bloody use so now the trusty monitor is going on my mum's fridge-freezer in the house, i know it is going to be replaced soon but i am curious to know how much that sod uses before it gets replaced with a nice shiny new (Argos-branded) one. I'll bet it's a guzzler!!
  6. I suppose a victory of sorts has been made with the two facts: 1, That the pre-payment meter is now going to be replaced with a normal meter thus meaning they wont be stuck with the pre-payment meter's more expensive standing charge of 17.29p per day 2, Their useage for the last 14 days has come to 255Kwh whereas it used to be 475Kwh (using the fact that their 12 month useage was 12366Kwh divided by 52= 237Kwh multiplied by 2= 475Kwh) You may be interested to find that my dad's fridge-freezer+small freezer have used a total of 8.8Kwh in 48 hours so, going on that, i suppose you could say that works out to 132Kwh per month. Bearing in mind that their monthly useage will be 510Kwh that would mean those two appliances use 25% of their monthly Kwh!! Ps- i do realise that a reading after 48 hours isn't a fair indicator but im just going on what i have at the moment!
  7. Well, the fridge-freezer in the house (which is being replaced) is for milk, cheese, bacon, salad+the frozen meats/meals(v. small freezer compartment), the one chest freezer in the shed is for loaves, meat, meals, chips etc. My dad's fridge-freezer is for food for the lots of dogs/ferrets etc+his chest freezer is for the amount of rabbits/hares/pheasants for the ferrets. ideally i think my dad could manage with one large fridge-freezer that has a particularly large freezer compartment! The reason my mum is keen to replace her fridge-freezer is that it is on the way out so that's kind of good news!
  8. Well i suppose you could call my visit yesterday a partial success as i got my Mum to follow a friend's advice and explain to Scottish Power that being as my Dad has few health problems with his back that a direct-debit meter (i cant think of the proper name for it) would benefit him more than the pre-payment meter, they waived the £150 fee, which was absolutely brilliant, and all they would have to pay is the charge of £45 the company charges them to uninstall it! Luckily/coincidentally, my parents had a credit built up of £45ish (due to the social tariff refunds at certain intervals) so that takes care of that! They will be installing the new meter on September 10th i believe! Brilliant!! Im so happy at that step!! The next bit wasn't so good My mum explained that she washes their bedsheets two to three times per week because, apparently, my dad 'sweats a lot', i didn't know this! I asked her how many spare changes of the bed sheets (top and bottom) and i think she said two. I suggested that if she had four then she could wash the 'dirty' ones in one go instead of the (usually) two to three times per week but she wasn't very keen on this idea!! I will try her again! On the fridge-freezer front, i can confirm that there is a 5ft one in the house which will be replaced soon, a big chest freezer stored more-or-less outside with only a roof and one side covered. My dad has a fridge-freezer and a small freezer in his shed! However, i have my new plug-in monitor in the extension lead for my dad's two appliances and, wait for it.....from 8pm yesterday to 8pm tonight it had used a large 5 KWH!!! That's at least 65p per day!! Phew!! That'll add up eh? £19.50 per month!!!
  9. absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you so much, and yes you are quite right-the chest freezer is over 10years old! Thank you so much!!
  10. Hi dx, please please dont hate me for this but someone was trying to tell me yesterday that they found the fridge/freezer plugs a waste of money as they dont work, that is why they are discontinued? (im sure he's wrong but i thought i mention it)!
  11. Hi, Just a quick one to dx100uk- Im afraid those brilliant looking Fridge/Freezer plugs from Sparks seem to be out of stock! What a shame! No idea where else i could get any? As for the fridges, am i right in thinking that the energy saving ones are 'A' rated? Ps- i have googled those plugs but they are now very expensive!! DOH!!
  12. Hello. Please can i ask a question? I was looking at low energy lightbulbs and i see that a 7w low energy bulb is equivelant to a 35w 'normal' bulb, my parents have 60w 'normal' bulbs but i cant seem to find the equivelant low energy bulbs? The bulbs i was looking at are here: http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/Light-bulbs/GE-Candle-Bulb-Energy-Saving-SES-7w/invt/0244476?htxt=2ETQhJd8X0S7IY%2BeqPNk3dBTdjyk4O6dvpNiABwBKiiNatIDz5fRu7hEZTx839RZv6jq2p%2BmQVGL%0AcRuA%2Bk3lBw%3D%3D Would you say that this is the best option timer for the pond pump: http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/Extension-Leads+Timers/Wilko-Segment-Time-Switch-24h/invt/0142473?htxt=7puobqUTOlXRUVXPt5abv7tcmeigVZ8sQgVFm14rVYraV83b4n4zEmqSyhw0bFpAIOvnA%2BRQUNYQ%0AdBSE2kxFjQ%3D%3D Finally, would this be a good option so that my parents could turn off some appliances and not others overnight? http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/Extension-Leads+Timers/Wilko-6-Way-Extension-Lead-Individually-Switched-2m/invt/0187196
  13. Hi again! Thanks for the advice, i shall certainly shop around and see what the best bet will be! Here's a few questions if i may- My parents have 8 eight lights in their house which i shall be buying replacement energy saving ones for. Please can anyone give any opinions on are there any particular brands i should buy/steer clear of? Also, how much energy do they save? Also some good news is that today i found out that pond pumps (that oxygenise the water) are fine to be switched off as long as they are on 8-10 hours a day which means my dad's doesn't have to be on 24hrs a day(he has agreed to this too!). :) Please can anyone recommend any decent timer switches so that i can put his pond pump on a timer? Many thanks so far-Bankhater10 Ps- the useage over the week has still averaged out at 18kwhs(it used to be much more)! Im hoping to get this down with the pond pump reduced from 24hrs to 9 hrs(using the timer switch), using energy saving light bulbs and using the energy saving plugs on the freezers that dx100uk mentioned!!
  14. Yes you most certainly did, my friend! The things i shall be doing are: 1, switching to eon direct debit paperless billing 2, getting those saver plugs 3, buying them energy saving/efficient bulbs 4, Get them to switch off all the appliances on stand by overnight
  15. Hi dx, im sorry for this hassle, dont worry i will be finished with all this soon+my parents can move to a nice normal meter with direct debit payments and paperless bills with eon and i will not have to keep coming on here and picking everyone's brains. The help i have received is much appreciated!! Ok, in answer to your question, here are the readings so far: Sun 9am Meter:22575 Owl:455 Mon 9am Meter:22593 Owl:475 Tue 9am Meter:22613 Owl:497 Wed 9am Meter:22629 Owl:497 So it seems that in 24 hours they use an average of 18 units/kwh(going by the meter, not the Owl) Just to clarify, the heat lamps i mentioned are not in use at the moment, off the top of my head i can tell you that the biodisk (turns human waste into water) is on 24 hrs a day as is the pond cleaner, plus the two fridge freezers and the one chest freezer and the rest are the usual TV, Video, DVD player and Sky Box on standby etc. and the usual lights on during the day and pc running all day. Interestingly (i thought), i got my mum to give me readings of 9pm every night so far too so i can tell you what they use per night: Mon 9pm Meter:22607 Owl:490 Tues 9am Meter:22613 Owl:497 Tues 9pm Meter:22624 Owl:510 Wed 9am Meter:22629 Owl515 So they use about 5/6 kwh per night. (That's the biodisk, pond pump and fridge-freezers and chest freezer on permanently plus the usual on standby) What do you think of these figures please?
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