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  1. I am so glad more and more people are waking up o the fact that there is something radically wrong with a system which can give themselves millions of pounds of tax payers money and then go bust and let the tax payers bail them out and then lo and behold REWARD themselves with fat bonuses with tax payers money for doing a grand job !! ARE WE SUPID ARE WE ANGRY YES we can't even get our thousand pounds back rant over xxx
  2. Hi all Thanks for the info as smutley says we were hoping there was something we could do, but its soul destroying to think after all the hard work, I feel cheated wonder if the government had anything to do with the decision, is there anything they would not do ?
  3. Yes I will watch out thanks because my claim is on hold with the other 600 in The Cardiff County Court ! I must say I am losing the positivity I once had about ever seeing my money back, Val
  4. I would like to know what Martins advice is for the likes of us, who have our claims on hold ?
  5. Yes remember the old days when we first started this !! a lot of waters gone under the bridge since then Jenny
  6. Hi Jenny Well I must say I was dissapointed to say the least after all the hard work and long wait, I still have my files to hand, hope we get a chance, waiting for advice like you. Val
  7. HELLO Manic long time silent isn't it, I haven't heard anything about lifting the stays, but am watching and waiting, I am in no fit state to do any more about it other than spend time on here at present as I have had an accident let me know what you find out. val
  8. OK let me know if you get anything positive back, I did actually contact Barclays solicitor who was close I think to settling, in March this year, no joy. I have been reading on Legal seagulls that there is some sort of decision due at the end of this month? xx
  9. Hi , I am in the same position, just waiting for the outcome of the OFT case, just keep reading up on it, there should be some sort of decision early June, but even then it could go on and on.
  10. HELLO Manic, Freaky and all, Here I am ONE of the 600,in Wales!! I have been around all the time just not posting much on here, I followed the entire case as reported, and I must admit I am pleasantly surprised at this result, only that in view of the current situation in the banking industry crisis, I was beginning to think they had deliberately created all this in some way to avoid being forced to pay up the penalty charges!! Well I am in a right pickle at the moment I have managed to break my leg in three places and am laying here with screws and pins in my ankle and a steel plate holding my tibia together! Guess I will have plenty of time to spend on here for the next 6 weeks!!
  11. hELLO JA-DE This is the latest I have received from Jessica, I know it is the same old story, but at least she is bothering people! Some of the scan turned to gobbledegoo? I never understand why ? do you ? JESSICA MORDEN MP LabourMember of Parliamentfor NewportEast Suite 5, 1st Floor, Clarence House, Clarence Place, Newport NP19 7AA T 01633 841 726 F 01633 841 727 Jessica Morden MP | Jessica Morden mordenjCWDarliament.uk 26 February 2008 MrsValerie Dear Further to my letter of 12 December,please find enclosed a copy of a letter I have received from Angela Eagle MP,about representations you have made to me about bank charges. Iam not sure the response takes us much further forward but Ithought you might liketo see it. Yours sincerely JESSICAMORDEN MP P.5. I believe it is really important to provide you with relevant information about my work as an MP therefore I will keep your details on file and may contact you from time to time, if you do not wish to receive further correspondence from me please write to me at the following addressjessica Morden MP,1st Floor Clarence House, Clarence Place, Newport NP19 7AA. 5/2664/07 HMTreasury, I Horse Guards Road, London, SW IA 2HQ Jessica Morden MP Sutie 5, 151Floor Clarence House Clarence Place Newport NP197AA Your Ref: aw/GILL0200 1/02070629 / - 5 FEB2008 Thank you for your letter of 12 December about bank charges. Kitty Ussher is the Minister responsible for this policy area and I am replying in her absence. I hope you will appreciate that I am not in a position to say how long a final resolution of the test case will take. Much depends on the substance of the Court's decision and whether either party to the case decides to take the matter to appeal. This is not something in which the Government can become involved. With regard to the waiver, I can ordy -repeat what tb.eEconomic Secrd.ary ::;aidlo both you and Adam Price IYl:P011the floor of the House, that it is a matter for the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and that their recent review has concluded that it is operating satisfactorily. I should add that the FSA can, of course, revoke the waiver at any time if it considers that it is no longer appropriate because, for example, the test case is not progressing or if a delay in the resolution of the test case is likely to cause undue risk to consumers. Once again, this is a matter for them. In making the decision on the waiver, the FSA has particularly considered consumers facing financial difficulty. High street banks and building societies subscribe to the Banking Code that covers how firms deal with cases. of financial difficulty; the Ombudsman also considers the Code when making its decisions. The waiver does not apply to complaints about the way that banks and building societies have dealt with tinancial difficulty. The waiver requires firms to identify such complaints and to progress them throughout the waiver period. If these complaints cannot be resolved, the Ombudsman will be able to consider them. I am afraid that I do not quite follow your final point regarding the relevance of the test case to the outcome of individual cases. I accept, of course, that the test case will not of itself resolve individual disputes. Once the law has been clarified, those disputes will have to be settled by the normal processes. I hope that greater clarity will make it possible to resolve individual disputes more quickly than in the past. But the law is not clear at the moment, and whether or not the Regulations apply is one of the factors contributing to that lack of clarity and which, in turn, is making it difficult to resolve cases speedily and on a consistent basis. I hope you will find this reply helpful. ANGELA EAGLE MP
  12. By the way have you got the Additions 'Plus' account Jenny?
  13. Well done Jenny, how come you can get this money back, I must have got a real mean guy, ( ednabucket springs to mind) I have had 2 phone calls from people telling me they are calling to ask if I have any debt, because there is a government initiative to help people wipe out some of their debt, if they qualify. Apparently all the credit card companies etc have got together to salvage some of the debts that thousands of people have spiralling out of control, and likely to go into bankrupcy because they can't pay, this way at least they get part of their money, whereas they get nothing if they force people into bankrupcy I wouldn't qualify, as the debt has to be minimum of £15,000 What do you think?
  14. Hi, well I wasn't as lucky as you Jenny, the chap I got on the phone wasn't giving an inch, not as nice as your woman, he wasn't going to refund anything, he even said it wouldn't be fair to treat anyone different to everyone else, I just kept on and on at him until he weakened slightly, agreeing in the end, to refund just ONE charge of £30, even when I gave him an earful about my claim! Still it's better than nothing isn't it. al xx
  15. Hi Jenny, I am back with a vengeance ! I will be phoning Barclays tomorrow, what inspiration, I could do with a few hundred back right now. val xx
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