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  1. AOS filed online,and CPR 31.14 registered post in the morning.
  2. OK Andy,as you say nothing to lose here. Will you be available to help with defence please?
  3. I am struggling with whether to go further with this one now, after the last battle I dont think I could stomach another. The thing is the only reason we requested the CCA was to see if PPI had been added to this one as well, and we still dont know for sure as we do not have an original. It seems strange that we have all the pre-contractual paperwork but not an actual agreement,it was all done through the post and not On Trade Premises as stated on the agreement they provided.
  4. Thanks Andy, I am sending a CPR 31.14 to sols,can I ask for anything that is mentioned in the POC,(agreement,default,)and can I question the amount owed in the POC? Would the original agreement need to be produced in court?
  5. I am still trying to get used to the new look CAG but finding it all confusing. I have some dates I would like verified please. If summons was issued on 30th July,am I correct in saying I have until 18th August to acknowledge service?(At the latest that is)
  6. Sols are Weightmans. I thought the POC had to be correct,its stating a different amount to the amount claimed.
  7. CPR request goes to who Andy? Sols or Claimant.
  8. I am having problems understanding the poc it doesnt make sense to me. (5) In the premises,the defendant is indebted to the Claimant in the sum of xxxx.xx (This is double what it should be) (6) The claimant therefore claims the balance due under the agreement.(Which is half the amount) In the column opposite the poc is the original amount owed +court fee+sols fees.
  9. Hi Andy, There seems to be a mistake in the POC. The defendant is indebted to the claimant in the sum of (xxxx.xx Less than 2K) and in respect of the said agreement under account number ******* and maintained by the defendant at the claimants branch and the sum of xxxx.xx (which is the same amount as above) in respect of costs under the said agreement. This amount is double the amount claimed they have just doubled the outstanding balance.
  10. Oh Dear that snow has appeared in the form of claim
  11. Cheers I will get on that right away.
  12. Thanks Andy, Does this get sent to HFC or Weightmans.? Cant find harrassment notice though. Can I also send Weightmans a copy of the dispute letter I sent to HFC in Nov 2009, as in one letter they say they are not aware of us previously raising any legitimate dispute in relation to the debt. Obviously HFC neglected to tell them
  13. Is there a template letter Andy? I cant find one.
  14. I presume HFC have passed on the information as they say they have been instructed by them. The letter states the info provided will be treated in strictest confidence and will be used solely for the purposes of legal proceedings. The request was made under section 35(2) of the Data Protection Act 1998
  15. Hi Andy, Not so sure about bluffing anymore OH brought home a letter sent to his Human Resources dept. from Weightmans asking for information about his employment .
  16. I will do that, thanks for your advise it is very much appreciated.
  17. Thanks cerberusalert,do you think what they have sent in post 26 would stand up in court? They have admitted they cannot find the original.
  18. DLRS have passed this to Weightmans sols. now.We had first letter at the end of April saying we should contact them as a matter of urgency,if we did not we may leave them with no option but to issue court proceedings. We did not contact them within the seven days and 14 days later had another letter saying they are not aware of us previously raising any legitimate dispute in relation to the debt. They threaten issuing a CC proceedings or petioning for Bankruptcy. Goes on to say their client would prefer to negotiate a settlement.....enclosed was Financial Declaration Form. Should I respond with a copy of my CCA request (26th Oct 2009) and a copy of Dispute letter (30th. Nov. 2009) The CCA they supplied is in post 26 and the letter stating they cannot locate original is in post 32. Getting conserned now.Any advise welcome.
  19. OK Andy.The offer is valid for 14 days after letter date (1st April) and only got it today Is there a thread on here about the new ruling on CCA enforcability? I have looked and cant find one.
  20. Hi Andy, The letter came from Debt Litigation and Recovery Services,which I know are HFC
  21. I have now received a without prejudice letter with an offer to settle at a reduced rate. However still no sign of an agreement with a signature or any interest rates. I am wondering if I should send them a FFS letter offering an amount I would be prepared to pay.
  22. If they produced this agreement in a court would it comply? DLRS on my tail now. HFC have stated they cant find a copy of original agreement.
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