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  1. TO arrived today that was quick!! "Do you want me to check the TO", yes please if you dont mind Andy. I would have loved to have seen their WS and Disclosure list though. They were pretty quick off the mark, but yes happy with the conclusion at least we have got rid of that 25% interest. Now waiting for the outcome of the PPI claim against them spoke to FOS yesterday for update and they said it will go to adjudicator (spelling ?) in the next couple of weeks. Shirei
  2. I have been trying for the last hour to get through to the courts but its constantly engaged,think someone has taken the phone off the hook. I need to phone sols today with my decision. 50% on TO.
  3. If I find it acceptable and ask for it in writing,can I still request they send WS and Disclosure docs?
  4. I have not supplied WS to them yet,I am waiting for theirs first I have sent courts copy by SD yesterday. They are due today. I dont know if they have submitted theirs but I doubt it.
  5. They approached yesterday about negotiating a settlement and calling back today.
  6. Andy would it be wise to talk settlement over the phone,and what would be a good guidline for a figure?
  7. The witness statement almost turned into a novel Courts copy and disclosure list have gone next day delivery this morning:high5:. I was up late last night finishing off. Hope its OK . Not sending claimants until I get theirs,they have been late with everything so I dont expect to receive tomorrow. Big thankyou to Andy. Shirei
  8. OK Andy,If you want to delete that last post I have made note of it.
  9. The thing is all that I list I have to supply by 8th March,along with the witness statement. They dont get to choose what they want. If that makes sense.
  10. Thats what I thought but thought I had better check. If I list CCA - A and B in disclosure I will have to send a copy of mine though wont I ?? I dont seem to have much to list.
  11. Hi Andy, I am filling in the N265 today,I believe I have all docs now. You said I only fill in one section and list my docs. I must be really thick ,I dont know which section!!! Can you help?
  12. "They will have 7 days to prepare once sight of your WS" More like six weeks Andy!!!!!
  13. Thats fine Shirei (yours is as it should be) with cancellation rights (be it signed or unsigned) what date is on that one? and is the original you have the true original or by way of a CCA request.? No dates on any I have. The one I have is the true one. If I dont list it,I cant use it though,Can I ? I should not mention in WS then?
  14. Well in fairness it does state on the copy I have (postal) above signature box (unsigned) you have a short time to cancel etc,this information will be sent to you. Nothing on the reconstituted one. The thing is they say we signed on 20th Oct. but funds were in the bank occount on 25th Oct. So where did the cancellation time come into it??
  15. Wish I had looked more closely:roll: Our agreement at top says "postal",the furnished reconstituted says "on trade premises". No cancelation rights offered. There is no way we could have signed in branch as we were living too far away at the time. They state agreement entered into on 20th Oct. I can show funds in bank on 25th.Oct.
  16. Andy, as a matter of interest,could you tell me if this agreement was entered into (signed ) away from premises (ie. postal) should there have been a cancelation period before funds were released to bank account?? Just curious.
  17. Do defences need to be included in the bundle???
  18. "You have time then if that date is the 8th and its the DJ order, normally 7 days before but hey ho!!! Isnt it 7 days before hearing? This hearing is not until April. PS Do you want me to vet it before submission? If I manage to complete by Sunday,Yes Please.
  19. Luckily I have found all I need saved on my PC so just a matter of putting it in date order. Will post on the 7th with next day delivery to sols and and hand delivered to Court at the weekend.
  20. Thanks Andy but this WS seems based on DN which in my case is not relevant.Do you have any idea where can I find similar for my situation??? OMG just seen this post on previous page: "If you have to comply before the 8th then you need to submit by tomorrow (7 working days in advance) I can only give you an example Shirei which you can edit to suit unfortunately as i dont have the time this week." I dont have anything stated in paperwork that says this!!!
  21. Thanks Andy, what about the witness statement I have never done one before. I have to comply by 8th March. Shirei
  22. Thankyou cymruambyth, Andy can you confirm how far back I need to go???
  23. Andy, Do I just supply documents and letters from when Claim was issued??? Thanks Shirei
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