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  1. My husband died almost 3 years ago and while his life insurance paid off the mortgage, I was left with many thousands of pounds of debt and had no option but to sell his shop in order to pay these off. The rest of the money I have been living off and spent some fixing up my house - the bathroom and kitchen were damaged, the carpets were the ones already in the house when we moved in in 1994, it hadn't been decorated in 15 years and some of my furniture was damaged and needed to be replaced. During this time I have also been searching for a job, but to no avail as yet. I am 43, with no recent e
  2. For a small monthly payment of one these I can keep it available as a download ... ok, I guess I'm pushing my luck a bit now. I'll get me coat.
  3. 'Tis done. It can now be found here. I accept flowers, chocolate and red wine as payment.
  4. That's because you're pulling up a cached page from your PC, hon. I'll upload the spreadsheet somewhere and post a link here. Can't hurt to have more than one source.
  5. Well, I've just recently joined so only just found this thread. Hope it's not died - though me and Celicaman are both booked up for 28th & 29th July now.
  6. It helps when you're in different towns. He was at work, though he's just informed me he's on his way home. I bet you had visions of us sitting at either end of the settee asking each other if we want a cuppa via email ... LOL
  7. They are scanned pages that are embedded as images in the pdf document, so not 'selectable'. I probably shouldn't have replied, should I ... you were joking of course ...
  8. There you go dear, make yourself look daft. Wolfy's ok, but it's not abbreviated in the same way that yours is, is it? Perhaps I should have said "if you make my name into an acronym like CM ..."
  9. You're welcome, but if you ever abbreviate my name the way you have Celica's, I may never forgive you. Think about it.
  10. Sorry, Celicaman just told me my reply was in Swahili so here is the translation: "You can't".
  11. Ok, pdf is a proprietory format belonging to Adobe. This means that while there are many free viewers out there enabling you to read them, you must buy the relevant software (or pay a license fee to use the software if it's distributed as shareware) in order to adjust pdf documents. There is a workaround if you write your own in the form of a plugin (one of the best being CutePDF which installs as a ghost printer driver) meaning you can create your document in any word processing or DTP package and write it to PDF, but you can't edit an existing pdf. Even if there are applications out there
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