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  1. Have Just had Wragg's on the phone at 19:30 to say they will offer me £1600. out of the £3300. Don't think so.
  2. Horsham County Court West Sussex. perliminary, -1HR hearing- have to phone the court 48hr befor the 18th july. Will have a look at the FAQ, thank's for that. I also need to change my list of charges as i have add the £5.00 O/D charge, which i see on this that you can't claim that back, is that right??
  3. I have a County Court date for the 18th july, have not been asked for a court bundle, Just to post to all party's what i will rely on in court. would you pls help me here as not to sure what i am doing. What is a Court bundle?????????? I have only sent in to list of all charges. Do i need to send more, i have only got to the 4th july. Really don't want mess this up. Thank you.
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