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  1. hi im waiting for court date and just had second offer which is only half amount claiming i refused and sent back y do they play around any one else had this
  2. refused offer now waiting what is this phone conference
  3. so whats to do with this phone conference is it with ya bank
  4. returned bad offer back to alliance and lecester now awaiting court date have not claimed interest is it to late how do i go about this
  5. hi im claiming £3400.00 and got cheque back for £995.00 i sent cheque back and now awaiting court date. you were saying about your interest well i havnt claimed for mine is it too late. im a bit confused how to do it
  6. hey you seem to no what u doing ive sent my first offer back of £995 claiming £3400 awaiting court date, but just sitting back whats next step please:)
  7. claming £3400 alli n lec sent me £995 sent back now waiting court date anyone there in same situation:p
  8. any one wana talk alliance and lec rejecting first offer awaiting court date
  9. refused first offer from alliance n lec now awaiting court date. not sure about how this forum works help please:rolleyes:
  10. hi has anyone refused and sent back cheque for settlement if not happy and waiting for court date
  11. anyone dealing with alliance and lec re claiming bank charges
  12. hi anyone not accepted first cheque and sent back to bank:o
  13. hi anyone tell me do i get replys from my email on this forum is there anyone who has returned there settlement cheque back re bank charges as not happy and awaiting court date
  14. having probs using this how do i no when i have reply to my tread
  15. new to this please someone reply so i no working sent settlement back not happy awaiting court date anyone at same stage
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