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  1. I was walking the school run with my daughter and two dogs. I live in the countryside and was walking along a quiet road with my dogs off lead as I always do. They are very well behaved and trained. My eldest dog started to lag behind I started to walk towards her -she saw me coming and started to walk towards me, but a car struck her when we were within 15ft of each other. The car drove off. The car behind stopped and took my daughter to school and is a witness to the event. This car had been following the driver from home as they were both on the same school run. The road was clear and the driver should have seen us well in advance. Now I appreciate that my dog was off lead and under the RTA she should have been, but that piece of legislation also says that dogs MUST be on a lead if they are worrying livestock or are dangerous which isn't the case On the other hand, the driver drove off without stopping and providing me with her details, but did however, report it to the Police. She sees me regularly at the school gates so has had ample opportunities. In fact is under police advice to get in touch. Its been nearly two weeks since the accident. There is significant damage to my dogs leg and have a large vet bill. I want her to contribute. She claims she did not see the dog, or the driver behind her (that had been following her for the previous 15 minutes). I feel she wasn't paying enough attention to be on the road. Could someone enlighten me with the ins & outs/thoughts on this incident. Thanks
  2. I am in a quandry as to what to do now. I have read so many posts and different advice that I am confused, like so many others. I have two cases here; 1) Pre-6yrs rule as discussed on this thread. At court, stayed, bank have asked for it to be struck out. 2) 2001-07 complaint with bank. They wrote to me giving me 8 weeks from the date of the SC decision to respond or they would consider it closed. However a second letter received last week offered me a further 8 weeks to respond. What are they playing at? Can anyone offer any advice on this and my best course of action? Thanks x
  3. I have CPR'd BC and received a letter saying they have satisfied their obligations under section 78 CCA and have no legal obligation to provide further documentation. They go on to state the CPR does not confer automatic entitlement to docs before proceedings start, and evidence must be provided upon application. What a load of sh*te. Can someone help me draft a letter to ICO for non-compliance and sharing data without permission. I will look for an outlining template in the meantime. They haven't registered any defaults but have been reporting back to CRA's about late payments . How can I put a stop to this? BC seem to think they have every right to act however they like! Ta
  4. Thanks Slick I have SAR'd them and they still haven't provided anything remotely like the CCA. ICO here I come...non compliance complaint is what I'm thinking. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Well, all b/c have sent is T&C's and a summary of account. Have no application form, originally it was Morgan Stanley then Goldfish. I have been pursuing them for the CCA since March, how much time should they need to provide a piece of info? Can I complain to the ICO too as they are sharing data without authorisation/permission? Planning on CPR FOS & ICO routes. Mercers will get a response when I have heard from them.
  6. No there is no penalty charges, ppi or anything. They do not accept the account is in dispute. DD - I don't follow this bit, can you elaborate on it please? I haven't actually heard form the debt collectors yet, it just says on my latest statement it has been passed on. Ta muchly
  7. Morgan Stanley>Goldfish>barclaycard I have requested CCA (march), 3 follow on letters and account in dispute. I have done SAR. They keep sending me the same old response. Final response has been same old letter insisting they have provided the info and will not engage in further correspondance. On my latest statement they have passed the debt to mercers DC and asking for payment. NB I stopped payment after the first month. They have not added any late payment charges or interest. They have, however, passed on info to experian and I now have late payments on my file even though I have asked them not to share info as they haven't got valid CCA. What is my best course of action now? I have read several barclaycard threads and am furious at the complete ignorance of barclaycard I have also read the complaining to FOS thread and am shocked at their incompentance too.
  8. Thing is there is a thread on here that paints a black picture for the FOS re CCA. Does anyone know what BC/Mercers actions are likely to be? Do they continue harrassing, go to court etc? Do they ever provide the CCA? If not, how/where on earth do people stand?
  9. Thailand; depends what level you're studying at Can someone perhaps enlighten me on claims further back than the 6yr limit. Does anyone think they will even be considered? (I have a 6yr one stayed, the older one in the queue at the bank)
  10. Thanks for your replies I tried the 150, it said 'this number has not been recognised' Will try the 17070 tomorrow and the 0800 number see what I get.
  11. I don't recall there being a logo on the box, but will have another look when I go over next. BT did say dial 17070 from the line which should give me the number so will give that a try too. How will I know if VM supplies that area? postcode check?
  12. Bt are being really unhelpful and maintain that £125 charge stands. So can anyone tell me how I find out who the provider of the line is? Do I need to go to BT to get a number?
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