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  1. I contacted the council and they have agreed to take the debt back except now without even checking how much I earn or payout every month they have said they have done an attachment of earnings order which i just know is going to be more than i can pay and i;m going to end up in a mess with other bills..is there no rules or regulations surrouning this
  2. Please help about 3 days ago I received a letter through the door from Rossendales with a magistrates liability order/distress warrant for unpaid council tax. I then received one 2 days later (hadn't had a chance to contact anyone) saying final notice and it says I must now give you 24 hours statutory notice of my intentions to recall and remove your effects. I panicked completely and my partner then phoned the company asking what it was all about. I was in such a state I couldn't phone. I then read some of the post on this site and decided to just contact the council regarding the debt. They
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