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  1. they had NO original or copy. they sent cheques back with a complients slip stating no agreements. therefore all letters since then up to sept, stated no agreements but you still owe the money. so, up until today, i heard nothing. then find out its been sold on. i agree with what you are saying, about it rolls down hill, but it still rolls. The further downhill it goes the less right they have to put a default on. the default doesnt bother me as such as i have no intention of aplying for debt,loans car etc, so i'll sort out the cra when i get the 'debts' sorted out to say yeah, we have no agreements , you owe nothing, once i have got that done, than i'll sort out the default side of it.
  2. i'll have a look about, cb prob already has it written on one of my other threads,lol. this is the first i've had actually been sold on. my mac hall was 'past to meritforce, but i already knew it was their 'sister' company, so had the ammo to see them off. this is the one being a thorn in my side, together with crap 1 passing to another debt collector/solicitor. ALL whist in dispute..............
  3. update,,,,, the 'debts' has been sold. On behalf of upstart limited, for whom we act as legal agents, we hereby give notice that the aformentioned debt due by you was legally purchased by our client on the 21st december 2007. this is from scotcall.saying at the top of letter formally robinson way & co originally jd williams so, illegally sold now, i still have all the letters from rob & way, most importantly the letters stating no credit agreement. could that 'vexitous' thingy be any use here???? any ideas for a letter? also states this debt will be registered with all the credit reference agencies until satisfied. ok, it already is there, from rob & way 2005, so does this mean rob & ways will disappear, and scotcall will replace it from dec 2007, therefore restarting the 6 years?
  4. i havent actually used that info against anyone really yet. but it was sold to rob n way under that 'agreement'. but i will happily go to court void agreement void default notice unlawful fees unknown amount added which ellie would not reveal what it was for harrassment for payment whilst still in dispute
  5. hi, the update is last week, i recieved a letter from solicitors acting for rob n way , though the address is the same as for rob n way lol, they saying pay now or go to court..BRING IT ON. i have all the paperwork from both rob n way and crap 1, i have proof from crap 1 offering 'good will gesture', but we all know it money they owe me anyway, so it proves the amount stated on 'illegal' defult is wrong, and the amount rob n way were sold was wrong amount. so, i havent replied to solicitors, as i already wrote to rob n way months ago, stating IN DISPUTE, therfore asking for 'wrong' amount again is very naughty of them. and passing to solicitors should be classed as harassment by them. they say in the letter (solicitors) that it is via crap 1 asking them to go to court. let them take me to court, i'll have fun, because i have all the letters from 'ellie ' , and the letters i sent to her, the most important, her not answerings the questions put to her. therefore, if it goes to court, i will ask the judge to have 'ellie' represent herself (yeah, it wouldnt happen, but it'll be good trying) and for the judge to get her to answer the questions put in the letters. ie, 1 question was were is the proof i asked for ppi. her response, 'you ticked it online', i asked for proof again, a screenshot would do, her response, dont have any proof, but i did and thats all . no proof, no ppi to pay, and that IS in the eyes of the law. she offered me a third of what is owed to me, this would clear the account, and that is all i was asking for, but she refused. that was september, and obviously the interest is still rising, interest crap 1 will owe me. plus i want the default removed. that should be straight forward, as its for a wrong amount anyway, plus wrong dates etc.
  6. Gran killed herself over debt row | Debt collectors face crackdown | The Sun |HomePage|News COWBOY debt collectors face a crackdown after a gran killed herself when she was WRONGLY sent demands for £16,000. Beryl Brazier owed only £400 but bungling bailiffs mixed her debt up with somebody else’s. The despairing widow, of Swadlin-cote, Derbys, drowned herself in a pond last year after being told debt collectors would go round to her house if she did not pay up. Her family accused the firms involved of hounding her to death. Now consumer minister Gareth Thomas has ordered a probe into the firms at the centre of the scandal. He said: “What makes this case even more shocking and tragic is Mrs Brazier did not even owe the money she was being hounded for.” Despite pointing out her address had been mixed up with someone else, Mrs Brazier got increasingly threatening demands from Thames Credit, which “bought” her debt from a firm called GE Capital. Mr Thomas said new powers will be introduced to take away a debt collector’s licence if they cannot show they act competently. ''''''message to mr thomas, erm, 'new powers'??????? the consumer credit act is already there,yet, does not get used properly,by the powers that be. so, i'd like to know how these 'new powers' are going to make any difference.'''''' to mrs braziers' family, my heart goes out to you, as will all users on the cag.
  7. i did, virgin media, and it was removed due to 'not being regulated under cca,though using same reference to default. cant have one without the other.meaning, virgin media we dont have to supply signed agreement,we are not regulated under cca but using same act to default...thats' what i am saying. by the way, i had no account anyway, it had a veriation of my name at a address i lived at 2004 this was under virgin, then noticed this was in reference to ntl at an address i didnt live EVER. asked cra to remove,at first.no chance, i replied and said they must make sure the information on peoples crf's are correct, they replied, we will remove wrong address, i said this is not good enough, they basically said they believed virgin(a company who i have never been with, who had took over ntl, but i can truthfully say at the addresses (1 i hadnt lived at) i hadnt had ntl. so, in the end, i got sick of cra , so slapped the 'you are as much to blame as virgin for wrongly issuing wrong data' email, also citing the not regulated by consumer credit act....then got email saying, they are sorry and removed entry by virgin media, and send new credit file. it takes a while, but got there in the end.......while i'm talking here, an 'non' update on welcome, no reply to letter saying thanks for the s.a.r. and the proof they sent me 'in writing' stating the account was fully written off in may and how come they didnt send any letters stating this and can i have the payments back that were paid 'after' the write off.
  8. okie dokie....i think it would be a good time to start a thread stating which companies are issuing default notices under the pretence it is covered by cca. i'll start............VIRGIN MEDIA BT overseas transactions .....www.timeshare.org.uk/cca74.html MOBILE PHONE COMPANIES ?
  9. all i did was went down the 'they havent had my permission to use data' route,and basically got nowhere. so, i wrote back to cra to state that virgin/ntl had submitted a default ntice under the CCA though it is not infact regulated by the act.equifax wrote back stated (as above) basically i am correct. if a company hides behind'we do not have to send cca because we are not regulated by the act.therefore they cannot use a default notice against you,because a default notice is for use if a credit agreement 'regulated' by the act has been defaulted.
  10. exactly.........if a 'debt' is not covered by the cca requested(not regulated by it), therefore a default cannot be on your credit file as a default notice IS regulated . therefore, a phone company cannot put a default notice on credit file, if it does, turn it round on them and say if they are using a default therefore a cca request is required under the same .(i know what i'm trying to say, hope you do too)lol a default notice is regulated by cca.
  11. if an 'agreement' is not covered by cca, therefore a company cannot default you under the cca. i have just got ntl/virgin removed from my credit file because it isnt covered under a cca, therefore they cannot default notice you on your credit file. email from me, Certainly the default should be overturned as they have submitted a default notice under the CCA for an alleged agreement that is not regulated by said act, therefore i require immediate removal of this default email from equifax. Virgin Media (Ex NTL: Telewest) I acknowledge your comments regarding the above account and would advise that upon reviewing the information in question, I have now loaded a Notice of Disassociation to our records to remove the above account from your Credit Report and can therefore confirm that this account no longer appears on your file. To confirm the above change, I have now arranged for an updated copy of your Credit Report to be forwarded to you at your current address. This should be received under seperate cover in the coming days.
  12. if you have a default on credit file regarding ntl/virgin etc is it very easy to get it removed from your file today, on equifax online dispute, i have confirmation to say they are removing it. why? because i wrote this: Certainly the default should be overturned as they have submitted a default notice under the CCA for an alleged agreement that is not regulated by said act, therefore i require immediate removal of this default. they wrote saying: Virgin Media (Ex NTL: Telewest) I acknowledge your comments regarding the above account and would advise that upon reviewing the information in question, I have now loaded a Notice of Disassociation to our records to remove the above account from your Credit Report and can therefore confirm that this account no longer appears on your file. To confirm the above change, I have now arranged for an updated copy of your Credit Report to be forwarded to you at your current address. This should be received under seperate cover in the coming days. so, an easy one to remove.......and before anyone says i still owe money, it wasnt even my account, virgin told them to carry on leaving 'bad' default on my credit file, though it was for an address i hadnt lived at linked to my previous address, but until i wrote the above, equifax were taking virgins' word that they were in the right. anyway, by digging about on this forum, i found out that ntl/virgin is not covered by cca, therefore it cannot use a default notice on credit file.
  13. the last letter from global was last month asking for payment, within S.A.R nothing to state it had been sold to global or anyone else, so therefore, it must still be with welcome, and as statement state credit of 40 in august, i'm in the clear, though i did ask equifa to remove the default from credit file( at the time i stated wrong amount on file), they wrote back statings welcome say it correct threfore it stays........ so, if i have written proof of FULL WRITE OFF in statement, therefore default cant stand now, as it is infact in 40 credit.......... please lease, if someone knows what i need to do/say please help me, i hope this is a good thing and its been written off , but i just need someone to clarify it for me.
  14. ok, recieved S.A.R. today. firstly, the fee is included BEFORE the monthly amount worked out, so i know that one. 2. in payment statements, (remember i was supposed to pay nearly 200 a month, n after me n o/h split in 2005 i sort of stopped d/d then october 2005 started paying 10 a month (which i stopped paying in aug,when global didnt send cca)...........right, got that ? back to payment statement, may 2007.FULL WRITE OFF THEN AMOUNT BALANCE 0.00. NEXT 4 PAYMENTS MAY,JUNE JULY AUG 10 EACH, redt (meaning credit) balance 40 pounds.............so, if this was wrote off in may, why have i been getting letters from global? cant scan but its wrote like this: jan 07 GL(MEANING GLOBAL) (10.00) 2,318.95 FEB 07 GL (10.00) 2,308.95 MAR 07 GL (10.00) 2,298.95 APR 07 GL (10.00) 2,288.95 MAY 07 FULL WRITE OFF (2,288.95) 0.00 MAY 07 REDT (10.00) (10.00) JUN 07 REDT (10.00) (20.00) JULY 07 REDT (10.00) (30.00) AUG 07 REDT (10.00) (40.00) DONT NOT SAY SOLD TO ANY OTHER COMPANY, REDT MEANS CREDIT THEREFORE THIS IS STILL HELD WITH WELCOME, IF ITS WRITTEN OFF, THEREFORE DEFAULT SHOULD BY REMOVED TOO SHOULDNT IT? ANY IDEAS ON THIS GREATLY WELCOMED...........
  15. i'd write back asking where within the law of request a cca.does it state you must provide a signature........IT DOESNT
  16. ? just open them,neatly.....steam them over a kettle.......if its from them..do 1 of two things, either cross your name and address out if on window envelope,and send it back,return to sender.or keep them for proof of harrassment
  17. ok.....before any of you good people say it, i'm a fool credit card(asda card) ge money 2005 howard cowen went to court last year july 2006, won (obviously didnt know then what i know now), ccj but now paid and settled.(as of last month) if S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)'d g e money 2 week ago (postal strike didnt help) so, i am wondering if there is overcharges etc on the account, will i still be able to claim them ? for some strange reason the default by them has disappeared from my credit file it has been there since 2006, and i get regular updates of my credit file, latest one today, one before that august, ccj still showing, but it will for another 4 years 9 months ). but, if i could successfully claim unlawful charges etc, would i be able to go back to court to render the ccj illegal? due to it including unlawful fees, or just leave it, ccj settled and not try claim anything?
  18. because ive been getting the letters from mackenzie hall and telphone calls and texts to my home phone since april , and they cashed the cheque under mackenzie hall..and on credit file the amount has gone down by 1 quid so it is them ...it was because of them that i found this site in june and started sending out cca's and S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)'s.
  19. update........sent email to trading standards regarding mac hall..email back asking me to send all letters etc to oft as they are currently dealing with this company.......had to wait for bank to send me a copy of cheque (as rear it states for cca request payment only.....so, its off to oft...........ive asked them to to make mackenzie hall accountable for their criminal default, and whilst in criminal default of cca request,passing it to meritforce, and also making meritforce accountable for sending 'door collector and we want payment now' letters even after i wrote saying account in dispute and mac hall in criminal default. AND for good measure, asked for proof of signed credit agreement, if none exists, i require it in writing and for any default on credit files to be removed within 14 days of confirmation that no agreement exists..........
  20. o god, i agree about it being used for serious criminals etc, but will it actually END there?
  21. ok, got 2 quid one back from equifax.......omg, remeber my thread about rob way admitting in writing no credit agreements but still asking for payment?.well.heard nothing since around late aug/beginning sep, though they were still updating credit file as default.....well, today (yippee) NO DEFAULTS ON AT ALL FROM THEM. so, emails to equifax today include: removal of 2 searches by same company,same day WITHOUT permission(i have learnt not to put in for credit,therefore i know i havent given shop direct permission to do credit search on me in aug) removal of a virgin media (ex ntl) as 1. not my account 2. the only other reference to this ntl account is an address were i have never lived(same street different number, and certainly could not be mixed up.ie, lived at 11.account states 36) 3. removal of the 36 address. 4. removal of default with loan company .due to default notice(didnt actually get one) being void as it included unlawful charges, therefore no default exists for the account and should not be on credit file. .............need a cuppa lol still waiting for all info from S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to all 3 credit ref agencies...........
  22. Lancashire Police get Early Success from New Credit Checks: Lancashire Constabulary mmmm, here it is on the lancashire police website.
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