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  1. Google is my friend, I can see the GDPR came into force on the 25th of May 2018.
  2. The debt in question is mortgage shortfall so 12yrs for SB however it is now 16yrs anyway. The none existent payment is either a complete fabrication or a misappropriation of funds via the SAR £10 from 2007. Either way, the debt is still SB, no question whatsoever. BTW, you mention the £10 for SAR not being required now, how long has that been the case?
  3. You know, I think I will do this, thank you Will wait and see after that I guess!
  4. I thought that as I haven't ever made a payment on the account and they have "magic'd" one from somewhere that would be classed as fraudulent activity as they are using that to say the debt isn't statute barred. If they have, in they I mean maybe Lawsmiths who I sent an SAR to with a postal order for £10 in November 2007 or of course Arrow or Shoosmiths but I really don't know as Arrow took it over in 2013 and used drydens prior to Shoosmiths. I am sorry that I am not being very clear hear, this has been going on since 2007 and I do have all correspondence but it has been boun
  5. Hi All, I have been chased since 2007 on a Northern Rock mortgage shortfall from 2002. I have never admitted liability for said debt and I have never made a payment. Shoosmiths on behalf of Arrow are now saying that I made a payment in 2008 which re-sets the statute barred status that I told them it has. I have never ever made a payment, the only money that has been sent was to cover the cost of a SAR in late 2007. After 2007 everything went quiet until 2013, eventually when I wrote back and forth a few times the DCA said their "case was closed" on this matter. Roll f
  6. Thank you, I am going to ask my son to come onto here and sort this, he lives away from me and I don’t have all of the details. Thanks for the reply HB, getting onto my son to come onto here and sort this.
  7. Hi, My son has received a couple of letters, the first being a parking charge, as he parked in a hospital car park without paying (he said he didn’t see the signs). He has now received a letter from Parking Eye basically saying he owes £70. They pleasantly try to put you off contesting by mentioned a court case they won, Parking Eye vs Beavis. As this is in a hospital car park does my son have any way of contesting this? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I will write the statute barred letter and tell them to leave me alone. I have a decent collection going on now so as you say will file away with the rest.
  9. This may be the way to go to end this quickly. Hello FS, I got a notice from Arrow in 2013, a "solicitor" contacted me, I replied, SARd etc and the matter was "reviewed and the file now closed". This is the first I have heard since, 4yrs later, 15yr old unacknowledged debt, no payment ever made but a different "solicitor I have asked questions about the legitimacy of this debt, for it to be substantiated and have never received anything at all, case closed on each occasion but like a bad smell here another one pops up
  10. Cheers, was wondering how far they would go until they pushed it a bit, will await another letter and see what occurs I think!
  11. I have to say that when I received the first letter I was a little shocked as thought I wouldn't ever hear anything again due to the age of the debt, I was wondering if the DCA is getting a bit desperate........or maybe this is just automatically generated rubbish as they have shifted to Shoosmiths Out of curiosity would you simply continue to ignore or should I inform them of the age of the debt and the fact it is statute barred and nothing else or do I once again furnish them with the information that I have on the last two occasions?
  12. Cheers, this is Shoosmiths...........15yr old debt, I did think it was just wanted to be 100% sure due to the contact, much appreciated.
  13. Hello, In 2007 I received a letter about a mortgage shortfall from December 2002, a payment had not been made to the OL since around April 2002. The OL sold the property in 2002 for around 40% below market value (in comparison to other properties in the street that were sold around the same time) and valuation. I sent two SARs to the OL (The Northern Rock) in 2007 in order to see how the outstanding monies for the property could be at such a discrepancy to value, I wanted to ensure that CML guidelines had been followed correctly and that best value was attained. No
  14. I am not sure if this has been asked before as I have been off here for some time however I was watching a program on Sky last week and 2 guys from a site called **** were being interviewed. What they were stating during the interview pricked my interest as they were stating that there is an act from 1882 called the Bills Of Exchange Act that can be utilsed as an argument against DCA's who come at people with debts they have bought from the original lender. Very basically they are saying that a debt is extinguished through either sale or transer, in other words the debt is then
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