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  1. Hello kennyparkroad, Good job I overslept, else I'd have sent the letter wiv dbb's real sig!! I'll squiggle the copy on his behalf and send that instead, and clip the recorded delivery stub to the copy. Thank you so much for you help.
  2. Hello midge61, Thank you for your quick response. Have made note of link & passed it on to OH. Bless you.
  3. Other Half has just cashed in a pension policy. ( Drawn down 25%, balance as pension) Has used funds to keep us afloat, but feels he may still have to declare bankruptcy. How will his pension be affected? Read somewhere that pensions are affected in some way. Please anyone?
  4. Wow that was quick!! Thank you so much for that. Will get on and do it straightaway and in post first thing tomoz.
  5. To be honest, our letter was written rather tongue in cheek as we never thought for a moment we'd get the result we did! It was just with all the hoo hah on reclaiming bank charges, we'd give it a shot!!
  6. Hello Spiritgirl!! I've done it!! It's in General Debts. Bit nervous of clicking on different buttons, sorry!
  7. Hello everone! I'm fairly new to this site, so please forgive any errors I may/make have/made. Done a lot of reading before 'opening up' so do hope that someone here can offer advice etc. I'll be as brief as poss. and please bear in mind all this started before I'd heard of this tremendous site/club! So I know I've probably made some mistakes on the way. Here goes: Dearly Beloved Boy, my son, run up a big bill with Amex on his blue card and struggling to keep up minimum payments up until turn of this New Year. Dbb is over 21. * An Apprentice. Out of blue rec'd letter from All Idiot
  8. Hello Honestgirl I'm new here too, but, like you, I've been plaqued by same company for my son's debt. They are very unprofessional in more ways than one! However, I have gleaned, and still gleaning a lot of help/info from reading all threads to do with Debt Collection Agencies, dca's, on this amazingly friendly and helpful site. Good luck, and I'll keep watching and learning! I'm sure someone will read your thread and let you know what to do next
  9. Hello everyone, I'm a new-comer to CAG so if I make some booboos please be gentle with me! I've been spending a lorra lorra time reading thru many of the various threads, and thanks to you guys, am beginning to learn to be more brave. However, having said that, I thought I'd share with you a success story which happened before I joined. Beloved son had taken out motor finance with a local-to-us firm. He wanted to buy a new car outright but would need to pay off the motor finance people first. He got a loan from his bank, enough to cover cost of 'new' second-hand car and enough to rep
  10. Hi Spiritgirl, Thank you for your reply. As yet I've not started my thread, trying to figure out where to start! Also hopelessly computer illiterate so wouldn't have a clue how to link!! Also would have to start this eve at earliest. Would it be okay to just message you with a 'Done it!' ?? Happy Days. xx
  11. Hi Spiritgirl et al!! Steady on, thought my son was a 'one off'!! Have been enthralled reading your ever growing thread/results etc. Very very helpful. Will not hi jack this thread with our probs., but wish you all continued success. You've given much food for thought. Thank you. All the very best.
  12. My son's ex girlfiend had a Solo card that was refused payment at Tesco tills yet she knew she had plenty of funds, so had to go to cash point and withdraw cash to pay for her shopping. Poor girl was quite embarrassed. I'll ask her to look very closely at her bank statement just in case. Mind you, she's just joined cag and has a very interesting tale to tell about said card and Nat West.
  13. Hi folks tis me again. I telephoned b&hcc and was put through to a very nice man, Mr xxxx. mmm. Gave him relevant details and asked for a copy of the original pcn - and guess what? he asked me why would i want a copy. i said cos we never received it as we weren't in Brighton with our car at any time, as explained in original letter. Now despite having all correspondence to hand, he said he didn't have a copy of the ticket. Could this be true?? Am now kicking myself cos i couldn't remember exactly what the problem was with tickets issued that year. ( I'd had no sleep last nite for worry
  14. No, you're not going mad cos I read this morn and was equally confused! It NOW makes sense!!
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