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  1. Have decided to accept the offer. Good luck to everyone else in their quest, I'm sure that all will go well.
  2. I had similar problems with them and other credit cards, despite the fact that I gave them a break down of my income/outcome they still would not accept it from me. In the end I had to go to my local council who run a service like CAB and they sent of the exact same details only for them to agree to halt the interest. As for being legal, perhaps someone with more knowledge will be able to answer that one.
  3. Was getting ready to head to court with a claim for £730 (first block of charges) when I get a phone call and letter offering £1413 for both accounts, it breaks down as follows: Account one: charges claimed 995.00 bank offer 749.00 difference -246.00 Account two: Charges claimed 1027.00 bank offer 664.00 Difference -363.00 Total claimed 2022.00 Bank offer 1413.00 Difference - 609.00 The figures quoted do not included any interest. To be honest I am thinking about taking this offer. This is due to the fact that i have to claim in £750 (max) blocks in Scotland and the thought of having to do this for months at a time does not seem that appealing. Any comments......................
  4. Would just like to say WELL DONE. Hope all goes well for round 2. I am still on round 1, but like you I have broken my claim up into £750ish chunks, so no doubt I will be sharing the same ups and downs that you have had. Although, more ups than downs.
  5. LBA sent of yesterday (21/6/06) to branch and Halifax for £730 in charges from 2001 to 2005. I included a list of all the charges dates etc. For fun I sent a reply to the letter offering me some of my money back, saying that I would take that, but that I also wanted the rest from them. Lets see what they come up with next.:grin:
  6. Another letter arrives.... Dear Forkandles, Thankyou for your letter...blah,blah.....charges are justified....blah,blah.....However, as a gesture of goodwill I am prepared to refund £475 of charges in full and final settlement of your complaint. This amount covers both accounts, £250 for one and £225 for the other. Thankyou, but no thanks I want ALL my money back and will be writing to let them know. I am so glad they sent this letter, because now I feel that they are on the run and will at some point cave in and give me money back. The letter was sent form Retail Banking in Rosyth.
  7. Thanks for the comments. After going through other posts I have decided to send the LBA, but asking for just £750 as this seems to be the best way to proceed in Scotland. What I would like to know, do I just arrive at this figure through charges alone or do I try to get this figure from charges and the overdraft interest? I do intend to go after all the charges, but in £750 blocks, so this may take a little while. Any thoughts comments?
  8. And on the 14th day a letter arrives............ Dear Forkandles, it is my understanding that you are unhappy at the charges that have been applied to your accounts over recent months, and you feel that these should be refunded as dictated by recent Office of Fair Trading investigations. Having started it's investigation into charges in 2004, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) confirmed its opinion that default charges, as they are called, of more than £12 should be considered unfair. We have noted the comments made by the OFT and have co-operated fully with the OFT during the consultation process and will naturally continue to do so. However, we cannot comment further at this stage, as we need to fully assess and understand the recent announcement. At the moment the statement refers specifically to credit cards, but is likely to be expanded to other products in the near future. HBOS along with other lenders will respond to the OFT statement in due course. Charges are specifically applied to customers whose transactions fall outside the parameters that have been set. It is approriate that an individual whose balance was insufficient to meet payments that he/she has made should bear the cost of the additional administration incurred as a result, rather than expect this to be absorbed by the shareholders as a whole. They are only applied when transactions fall outside the limits that have been set and they are thus valid. In regard to your credit file I can confirm that this is a true and accurate reflection of how the account has been maintained. In light of this we would not be able to ammend any information. I am sorry that this letter does not provide you with the response you are seeking however I trust this clarifies matters for you. I have enclosed a copy of our complaints leaflet, which explains our procedures. Should any of your concerns remain unresolved please let me know what you'd like me to do to put matters right. We are keen to resolve your concerns, if we are unable to do so we'll provide you with details of how you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for assistance. If I do not hear from you within the next eight weeks I will assume you are satisfied with our response to your letter. Yours Liam Pollitt This letter was sent from Halifax, at Trinity Road. Any comments please.
  9. Sorry, just to clarify the accounts were opened in Scotland. So everything done up here, well before the Merger/Takeover!
  10. I am in Scotland. One letter was sent to my local branch, the other to retail bank collections in Halifax. I have an agreement where I am paying money back to these accounts and now use another bank for my banking as I am having real debt issues. If I can get the money back then it would half the ammount that I owe to them.:-|
  11. Just a quick question, hope you all don't mind. As I am at the LBA stage, do I stick with my full ammounts or do I start to break them down to prepare for court, as it seems advisible to keep claims to £750 max. I am claiming for two accounts one for £1078.50 and the other for £1120.50
  12. Well that's 14 days up tomorrow and not a dickie bird from them. According to the Royal Mail website my letters were delivered, but no reply. LBA being sent off tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
  13. Initial letter sent today by recorded delivery. One copy to local branch, the other to Trinity Road, Halifax. Trying to recover a total of £2199 in charges and interest. Will keep you updated as to what happens.
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