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  1. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she's watching it laying again 20 zillion orphans need rehoming honey x
  2. the posts you make in the bear garden dont go towards your post count and you need to have made 5 before you are allowed images honey x
  3. must be fascinating for the kids Jo dont you go loosing Earl mind you
  4. Mozilla has released another point update for its flagship Firefox browser to provide fixes for at least 12 documented security vulnerabilities. Some of the flaws put millions of Web surfers at risk of remote code execution attacks. The Firefox 3.0.2 update addresses two issues rated by Mozilla to be “critical,” meaning that the documented vulnerability can be used to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing. MFSA-2008-40 - Mozilla developer Paul Nickerson reported a variant of a click-hijacking vulnerability discovered in Internet Explorer by Liu Die Yu. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to move the content window while the mouse was being clicked, causing an item to be dragged rather than clicked-on. This issue could potentially be used to force a user to download a file or perform other drag-and-drop actions. MFSA-2008-41 - Mozilla security researcher moz_bug_r_a4 reported a series of vulnerabilities by which page content can pollute XPCNativeWrappers and have arbitrary code run with chrome privileges. One variant reported by moz_bug_r_a4 only affected Firefox 2. Mozilla developer Olli Pettay reported that XSLT can create documents which do not have script handling objects. moz_bug_r_a4 also reported that document.loadBindingDocument() returns a document that does not have a script handling object. These issues could also be used by an attacker to run arbitrary script with chrome privileges. MFSA-2008-42 - Mozilla developers identified and fixed several stability bugs in the browser engine used in Firefox and other Mozilla-based products. Some of these crashes showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances and we presume that with enough effort at least some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code. Drew Yao of Apple Product Security reported two crashes in Mozilla image rendering code. This vulnerability only affected Firefox 3. David Maciejak also reported a crash in graphics rendering which only affected Firefox 3. MFSA-2008-43 - Microsoft developer Dave Reed reported that certain BOM characters are stripped from JavaScript code before it is executed. This can lead to code, which would otherwise be treated as part of a quoted string, to be executed. The issue could potentially be used by an attacker to bypass or evade script filters and perform an XSS attack. Security researcher Gareth Heyes reported an issue with the HTML parser in which the parser ignored certain low surrogate characters if they were HTML-escaped. This issue could potentially be used to bypass naive script filtering and used in an XSS attack. This issue only affected Firefox 2. MFSA-2008-44 - Mozilla developer Boris Zbarsky reported that the resource: protocol allowed directory traversal on Linux when using URL-encoded slashes. Mozilla developer Georgi Guninski reported that the restrictions imposed on local HTML files could be bypassed using the resource: protocol. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to read information about the system and prompt the victim to save the information in a file. The open-source group also released patches for multiple vulnerabilities affecting Firefox 2 but strongly recommends that users upgrade to Firefox 3.
  5. of course i do sorry, not sure whether im comming or going at the min, thanks, ill go squeeze my head right now honey x
  6. there should be a designated social worker assigned to meet the needs, as well as the appropriate nursing team, they therefore will deal with all matters concerning the said person and take the pressure from the family wishing them all the best honey x
  7. would it be 14 days from the AoS going in?, ive had no word from the courts as yet to say that it has been relocated to a local court thanks for your help 42man x honey x zazen.warrior will take a look now thankyou x
  8. letter recieved this morning from cohens Dear **************** We refer to your recent letter in which you have made a request for information under the Civil Procedure Rules. We have been in contact with our solicitors, Howard Cohen & Co who have advised that we are not obliged to provide this information, and would advise that the Particulars of Claim detailed in the County Court Claim Form should be sufficient to allow you to respond accordingly. Please respond to the claim form with either an appropriate defence or an admission and offer of repayment. Failure to do so will result in a judgement being entered without reference to you. If you are in any doubt as to your position in this matter please seek your own legal advice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ honey x
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/formal-solutions-bankruptcy-administration/154615-advice-needed-please-bankrupcy-3.html#post1729300 #47 in this post might be of interest Tills take care speak soon xxx honey x
  10. aw bless of course you will get all of the help and support that you need here, try not to fret too much (easy to say i know) Simple answer is they cant take what you havent got youre going down the right route asking for CCA to see if the debt is enforceable Try posting in the relevant forums and i promise you someone will guide you every step of the way Good luck to you both and here's to a happy stress free ending honeyx
  11. im not sure but would you not be able to sign a % of your property over to your kind relative now, prior to any instigation from other outside agencies? honey x
  12. according to moorcroft i took a card out on the 30th feb 2009:eek: wonder why i havent heard from them in 6 months honey x
  13. oh nooooooooooooo does nothing for your hair have a good trip honey x
  14. flash lemon wipes for my monitor please thats nearly as bad as kia asking if they have tape measures in the sex shop :lol: sorry kia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pmsl honey x
  15. sorry this bits a bit confusing honey x
  16. its a tuppence happney tissue for goodness sakes, and a two yr old child, i suspect if the little one involved was having a nose bleed in the store, a member of staff wouldnt have hesitated but to open a packet/box of tissues and give one to the little one honey x
  17. would this be the thread you're looking for http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/143107-claim-form-issued-but.html good luck honey x
  18. thankyou once again rang the court and have been advised to send via first class post as there may be an error with mcol so do i need to send in only the AoS today thankyou honey x
  19. ermmmmmm got a bit of a problem here im typing exactly what it says honey x
  20. thankyou 42man ok first poc the claimants claim is for the sum of ***>** being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated credit agreement between barclays balnk plc and assigned to the claimant on the ** *** 2008 The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the tems fo the agreement and a default notice has been served upon the dfendant pursuant to sec 87(1) of the cca 1974 the claimant claims the sum of ***.** _____________________________________________________________ i did send cca to BC and have had no correspondance whatsover, this was a monument card that unbeknown to me was passed onto BC yes i wish to defend it thankyou 42 man xxx honey x
  21. received from northampton cc claim form which i have misjudged dates on/ urgent needs to be in today AOS needs to be in today (sorry guys panic here) its for a card which i do not acknowledge and they state that they have sent out a default notice which i have not received, cca request was also ignored acknowledging online thank you and sorry for the rush honey x
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