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  1. hello I have been through the same as you... got to the end of acknowledgement of service 28 days and nothing.... well, give it a couple more days and you will hopefully find the same as me... ie, all the money is credited to your account in three or four payments as ' corrections ' !!!! They will then send you a letter saying they have refunded yr charges on this occasion etc etc. No admission of anything on their part either and that you should be careful to keep your account "running in accordance with the rules and regulations in future " or they will give you notice to close yr account. good luck
  2. oh and i contacted the court to let them know the claim has been settled too.
  3. A brief summary of events regarding my claim is as follows... 24th March 2007 : Hand written letter of complaint to Nationwide about Bank Charges ( having watched BBC1's ' Whistleblower ' programme . I was mortified and angered beyond belief after viewing this tv documentary about Banks and what they get upto). 03 April : Reply from Nationwide stating they appreciate ' feedback ' etc and explaining how they apply charges . Finally stating that a refund is not possible. 06 April : 1st ' Template ' letter sent to Nationwide Recorded Delivery. 13th April : Reply from Nationwide stating the same as there first reply. 04 May 2007: 2nd ' template ' letter sent to Nationwide Recorded Delivery. 18th May 2007: Reply from Nationwide stating that i agreed to abide by terms and conditions when i took out my account etc and that agin they were sorry they could not refund my charges. 21nd May 2007 : Went online to ' Her Majesty's Court Service ' Money Claim Online web site. Filled out claim and paid £120.00. 22 May 2007: Received letter from MCOL stating particulars of my claim. Defendant has until 10th June to reply. 25th May 2007: Acknowledgement of Service. Defendant has 28 days to form a defence. June 2007 : Worried that i may have to go to court... eeeek!!! 26th June 2007: Nationwide enter a defense at some point in the last day or so. 26th June 2007 Money paid into my Account in FOUR PAYMENTS. 27th June Letter from Nationwide stating they have refunded my charges. Also a word of warning that i may have my account cancelled in future if i do not comply with their terms and conditions. I hope this is of use to someone. Many thanks again to this website for help and support. CyprusOlives.
  4. Hello Paddywife If it helps... i was in a similar situation just the other day too. My Acknowledgement of Service ' 28 days ' was almost up and i was very worried about going to court. I let it go two or three days PAST the 28 days before i was going to do anything more. The Nationwide put in a defense right at the last minute. But i have read here that its all just normal procedure and so i checked my account balance to see if anything had gone in and.... they had paid up. I have all my money now . I WON!!!!! Hope yours is resolved soon too.
  5. Thanks. I am glad its all over... phewwww!!! I am also glad i had found this site for support too. I cant believe its all over.
  6. Thankyou for the encouragement ... helped tremendously.
  7. Today i checked my account and Nartionwide have PAID IN FULL!!!
  8. Thankyou for the advice.... it was very good of you all. The 28 days has expired and i did indeed leave it a few extra too before going any further. I have just checked my account balance at the petrol station ATM and there seems to be alot of money in there... off to the bank to get a proper statement to see exactly what has been paid. I have a feeling i am still owed some. Keep u posted..
  9. hello everybody, what a great job you have done here. The camaraderie on this forum is quite a joy and its such a pleasure these past weeks reading through. I wonder if some advice may come my way with regard to a probable impending/daunting court appearance with Nationwide Building society. I think i have no real idea what i need by way of preparation as not many here seem to get to go court. My claim for bank charges ( £2000+ ) refund started back in late March with a four page hand written letter ( after watching BBC1's ' Whistleblower ' programme ). Its three weeks since i received my Acknowledgement of Service and no correspondance from anybody. I wonder if i need to arrange a solicitor, prepare certain paperwork which i know nothing about and weather i will have to go to Northampton County Court too as that is the name on the Acknowledgement letter with my MCOL, but i live in the South East !!! All i have paperwork wise is my initial letter and subsequent ' template ' letters and my bank statements... thats all. Heres hoping for a wee bit of assistance... Many thanks, CO
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