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  1. I'll have a look on the Lexis Nexis database (I am a law student so I can access magic things like this). I'm not sure about the copyright issues so I don't know whether I'll be able to post it on here, but I'm happy to email it.
  2. Ha ha. Guess what arrived in Tuesday's post? It is almost as if Lateralus has some sort of divine knowledge. It looks like the standard HSBC defence. And I have the order for no AQ (unless the local DJ wants one). I am going to phone the local court tomorrow and check about the AQ situation (re fees etc.) and start sending nudge letters to DG - it's got to be worth a try.
  3. Thanks again. I will post my progress here.
  4. Thanks, Lateralus. It will be two weeks on Thursday since the 28 days ran out. Is there anything worth doing to check and make sure things are still progressing? Or do you think it is safe to sit tight and wait?
  5. Yes, it is being defended. MCOL says there's nothing more to be done online. DG have ticked the "I intend to defend all of this claim" box on their acknowledgement of service form. But their 28 days is up and I have heard nothing from them (or from Northampton cc).
  6. Hello All, I logged a claim for just over £2000 with MCOL in May (following all the usual shenanigans and the letter from Colin etc.). I received a letter from them saying that HSBC have asked for 28 days to prepare their defence. Counting from the actual date of service, that 28 days was up just before I went on holiday on 23 June. Now I am back and I still haven't heard anything more - either from the court or from HSBC. Should I be writing to the court to ask them to proceed anyway, or is there something else I should be doing? Thank you, in advance.
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