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  1. RBS have finally offered me a total of £3800.00 for claims on two accounts. When I spoke to them to tell them that I would need a cheque as my account was closed over a year ago, she asked if the account was definately closed or was it with the collections department. I am slightly worried as my account defaulted over a year ago and I had about a £1K od and about £3K on a loan with them. Last July I took out a Trust Deed as I was unable to take control of my debts, largely due to the charges I received. The Trust Deed became protected and since then no creditors have been allowed to contact me as I will pay a monthly payment for the next two years and then it will be split between my creditors. I am concerned that RBS will take the claim and pay off the debt. Are they able to do this even though I have a protected Trust Deed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:lol:
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