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  1. if you didn't go over 8% for the interest then your "offer" will be for the full amount plus whatever you claimed for expenses, he told the judge that they'd be happy to pay that
  2. been to court this morning someone from corbbetts hand delivered me my cheque outside the court room after the hearing and after they were urged to do so over the phone by a Barclays lawyer since no one from NatWest turned up at the courts and it was clear that the judge told me and someone claiming against abbey that ours would be sorted by dinner time as there was no one opposing it!
  3. I assume CAG is Consumer Action Group, the site you're on right now as for the original question, yes, I went to court this morning look here
  4. the lawyer was called Steven (or Stephen) Parsxxxx could be parson, parsley, parstie I have a message from him on my mobile making sure I have my cheque OK (no number though!) but can't make out his name!
  5. are you the female steve? if so, your name was brought up a few times as well as your letter being read out by the Judge about you not being able to get time off work at such short notice (which everyone was fine about by the way!) your case will be next Wednesday at 10AM, BUT, the lawyer won't be there as he said he will have settled it with you before then, expect a cheque or phone call in the next day or so! if it does go to court, the lawyer just said he would phone or fax the settlement rather than turning up apparently, all the banks usually send lawyers, even if it's to s
  6. you must be joking! even though it's classed as the High Court, it was a small room (with enough seats for about 30 people - so they wouldn't have had a chance if all 99 turned up and all lawyers!), although you could've sat in on it as one person did just to see how it went, there was literally us 5, 2 lawyers, 1 watching, 3 women from the courts & the judge
  7. there were 5 of us from a list of 99 people, all others were settled NatWest didn't show, neither did Abbey National so the guy who's claiming from Abbey has to go back next week (nice to meet you if you're on this forum by the way), someone against Lloyds who settled during the hearing, 2 others were claiming 27.5% interest against Barclays, didn't see how that ended but think they'll just get their charges plus 8% (they had some good offers made to them too which they declined) in my case, the Barclays lawyer spoke to me and said he'd help me, he contacted Cobbets (who were acting
  8. our postman hasn't been! oh well, I'm setting off to court now!
  9. I have just been added to the list, but I've only just got my letter, there is something that needs to be done 7 days before (it's only 8 days away now!!!!) can someone tell me (simply) what needs to be done on my part so I can get it done ASAP thanks I just posted here before I found this post (includes scans of my letter) there's 21 settled on my list of 66 names (my name's not on the list though)
  10. I got a letter at the weekend but only just got time to get to it. can anyone help with what's happening? what am I supposed to do etc? also with the letter was a list of 66 other people and which banks they are claiming money from and their claim numbers (some had "settled" written after them) Will I end up going to court? Do I need to do anything between now & then? any help/advise would be greatly appreciated
  11. yes, but I read on here that I don't need to reply to that
  12. I have received Cobbetts solicitors copy of their Allocation Questionnaire (I filled mine in and sent it back a few weeks ago) in the "other information" section they have put: what does this mean and is there anything I can do? I read on here that all I needed to do was sent the questionnaire back for the last bit and I didn't need to provide them with any information can anyone help?
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