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  1. Thanks for all your help .....I'll keep you posted
  2. Ok I've just had a good look through my court letters and on my Notice of Transfer of Proceedings it does say that the filing of an allocation questionaire be dispensed with etc etc... feel really stupid now. Guess i should have checked it properly and phoned my court to ask if the fee was still payable. Lateralus you were right. Where do i go from here? Will I have to start my claim from the beginning again? Feel like a proper idiot now!
  3. The order received says: IT IS ORDERED THAT: 1. The claimant having failed to pay the allocation fee, the claim is struck out. That's it. Lively - I will PM you back asap with the rest of my court correspondance.
  4. Also - just to clarify. The letter stating that my claim has been struck out because of failure to pay the allocation fee is the first time I have heard any mention of allocation at all. No questionairre and nothing saying they will be dispensing with the questionairre either.
  5. I'll definitely get a letter sent off asap. Sounds like they'll probably just come back to me with "you should have paid the fee" though. Oh well, it's worth a try. Thanks guys...I'll keep you posted.
  6. Thanks for your help Stax...I was wondering...would there ever be a situation where I would be required to pay an allocation fee even if I was not asked to fill out an AQ?
  7. Been looking round the site and it seems that a few people have had their claims reinstated after having been struck out. If this is possible...how do I go about it? Feel like sending a nudge letter to DG anyway. They're probably so snowed under that they might not realise my claim has been struck out and send the money anyway! Then again.:-| Feel like I've been treated very unfairly. The courts have basically told me that the judge has made the decision, they cannot give me a reason, and do not have to, and that is that. Surely they have to give me a valid reason??? I'm determin
  8. Just received a general form of judgement say that my claim has been struck out having failed to pay the allocation fee. I am totally confused as I was not sent an AQ and therefore did not fill one out so don't know why this has been ordered??? Telephoned the court to explain this and they told me that the judge has just struck out the claim and it may not be because of the allocation fee. They cannot give me a reason. The judge has just struck it out and that is that. I'm totally gutted. That money is mine and I worked hard for it. Is there anything I can do to appeal against the de
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