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  1. Has anyone else received a response from the court like this one?
  2. Oh and there wasn't a date on the letter I received!
  3. Hi Scoobz, The letter from Wragges did say that it was their intention to apply for a stay. I have put the full wording from the court in my thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/alliance-leicester/109571-filled-defence-no-stay.html. I think you're most probably right about the court covering their backs though however they have said the the prelim hearing will result in either a stay being applied or my case being a test case. Nothing about simply continuing down the small claims track!
  4. Hi Janus, Thanks for your response. I did actually get a letter from Wragges a week before the one from the court stating their intention of aqpplying for a stay. I have typed out the full wording of the letter below. I won't be attending as the letter states that I don't need to if I abide by the decision of the judge. I'll print off the online statements then as the bank doesn't provide paper copies. Fingers crossed that it's all ok! Before District Judge Hayes sitting at Norwich County Court etc.... Upon review of the court file It is ordered that: 1. The claim
  5. I have just had a worrying thought. I don't have original copies of all of my statements as the claim was for this year and they're all available online (I don't receive paper statements). I guess the online copies will not be acceptable for court? What should I do?
  6. HI All, I'm not sure whether this is the same situation but I received a letter from Wragges stating they were going to request a stay and then a week later I received aGeneral Form of Judgement or Order from the court saying that there will be a prelim hearing. The hearing will consider staying the claim or giving directions for the claim to be heard as a test case. Does that mean that Wragge have requested a Stay or it's of the own judges bat?
  7. Hi All, After a few weeks with no news, after a requet to strike out the defence, I received a letter from the court stating that Judge Hayes has ordered that the claim be allocated to the Small Claims track and for a preliminary hearing of which if I agree to the directions, I don't have to attend. At the hearing the judge will consider that a) to stay the claim pending the decision of the test case or b) to give directions for the claim to be heard as a test case...... It also states that "Not less than 14 days before the preliminary hearing, the defendeant shall file with the court and
  8. I have had this same issue time and time again with A&L. I have literally been reduced to tears with the frsutration this account has caused me. It is absolutely impossible to manage. They don't even use realtime! It takes two days to transfer CASH between two accounts with the same sortcode, transactions and cash withdrawals take days to show up on your account although they take it out of the summary balance sooner, which makes it impossible to budget. They have repeatedly shown transactions in the wrong order to take you over your overdraft limit or charge you more. If you e
  9. A judge has stopped Barclays bank taking any more penalty charges and interest from Nadine Fry who was claiming her charges back! Judge Abrahams, at Luton County Court, has ordered Barclays to stop continuing to apply further penalty charges until the High Court test case finally settles all the legal issues involved. For the full story go to..... Judge stops penalty charges! - The Money hospital
  10. Fantastic letter! The last paragraph mentioning the Standard Disclosure etc. Should we replace that with the draft order for directions if we are choosing the response with our AQ's?
  11. In my alloaction Questionnaire pack I have been sent a Mediation scheme reply form asking if I'll try mediation. It also states that if I say no that I may face cost sanctions if the district judge finds the refusal unreasonable/ Do you think it's OK to say no as there has been ample opportunity?
  12. I have been reading the rest of the convesations following on Banksfodders draft order post - Now I'm really confused and i'm an Analyst which you would expect would hold me in good stead!
  13. Thanks again Hedgey06. I have read through your draft order plus attachments and seen the template suggested by Bankfodder also. Which one should I attach? I'm really sorry to be a pain!
  14. Thanks Hedgey6......I'm afraid the Info in the Natwest link has confused me a bit more. Should I be asking to have the case struck out or continuing as normal? Also, I stil don't know what a form of 'basic' disclosure is? Can anyone help me please?
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