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  1. Hi All Not been on since Sept, due to internet provider not providing, but that's another story! I am assuming things have come to a grinding halt, awaiting the result from the OFT case?? Sue
  2. If only! Nothing is ever that straight forward where I am concerned, phoned the court today, to see what was happening, because according to the form I sent in last week I requested monies to be paid by today, and guess what, "no money", and they announced the judge is reviewing all "bank" cases, and possibly putting a stay on all, until OFT is sorted, so I think I will be a little while longer. Keep you all posted Sue
  3. Hi All last week I was told that my case had been struck out by the judge at Oldham County Court, and they sent me a form, to file for judgement, I filled this in and requested the money to be paid by today, thus giving a whole week. I have checked the account this morning, guess what no money in it! I have since phoned the court and have now told me that all cases of this nature are being dealt with case by case, and will most probably be "stayed", but if it has been struck out, is that right? Not sure what to do, can I appeal against this decision or not?
  4. Hi All, Filled my application for judgement form of requesting full amount of charges and interest, requested to be paid by the 21st of this month, so fingers crossed, by next friday I should be a couple of quid richer, I will let you know. Cheers!
  5. I have been asked by the court to fill out a request for judgement form. Does this mean I have won!
  6. I think I have won, court have asked me to fill a request for judgement form!!
  7. Hi All Not been on for a while, been away and not much happened, I have however, received a letter from CB stating they are applying for a Stay until result of OFT court case. Yet I have received a letter from the Court stating "By the 24th August 2007 the Defendant must file and serve a comprehensive witness statement from a responsible employee with statement of truth explaining the Banks charging regime and exhibiting all relevant documents justifying it; and, if they are discretionary, the decision to apply the charges the subject of this claim to the claimant. In de
  8. Hi Alex12 Funny isn't they don't have your bank account details?? Keep us posted SV
  9. HELP!!!! Received today from the Court, Notice of Transfer Proceedings.?? "Northampton County Court have ordered that: 1. The filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. ** **Please note that an allocation fee may be payable in this instance. Please contact the court of transfer for further details." What do I do now?
  10. Hi tobydobyAt this moment in time I am as much in the dark as you are. But what I have done is used the spreadsheet for calculating charges on this website. I have also sent a copy of this to the court as well....keep us posted ...SV
  11. Hi Graeme Best advise I can give you is to read the FAQ's at the beginning of this website, and it will tell your next move, and don't give up! I've been at it since 22-Jan-07. Good Luck! SV
  12. Hi Gizzard2k Yeah I think it is to put frightners on!, I have been reading some of the other threads, and it seems to be normal practice for YB/CB. Good Luck! SV
  13. Hi Gizzard2k This is the stage I am at, at the moment, is the letter from Clydesdale Legal Services? I am just about to re-send my charges listing and a covering letter stating my account number. See where that takes me. good luck! SV
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