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  1. thank you for the response. we don't want to contest PDL and had included it in our figures. what we didn't realise was that there was a judgement registered by Moriarty have requested court docs from northants
  2. Hi as part of our research on outstanding debt to put together an income and expenditure form for StepChange, we requested a Noodle report and on it there was a CCJ which we have now discovered id Moriarty law for an Uncle Buck debt. In the letter it states that an instalment plan had been offered to us which it hadn't and i assume that before a CCJ gets registered we should have received some communication from the court which we didn't. Don't really know where to go from here as we are trying to pull together a plan but it's going to be blown out of the water if we are forced to
  3. Hi I have had an ongoing battle with Lantern (motormile) trying to chase for an alleged Lending Stream Debt. I have provided them with a statement from Lending Stream showing a £0 balance outstanding which they have ignored and i am now receiving threat emails from Wilkin Chapman's "Lantern Team" saying they can't discuss by email due to data protection. I have sent them the same statement i have sent to Lantern and i'm certainly not calling them. Is there a templated response to an email? This is what they sent me "Good morning Thank you for your e-mail, we can
  4. And here we go again this morning along with my response. From: [email protected] To: xxxxxxxxxx Subject: Pre-Book Home Visit Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 21:55:51 +0000 Please contact MMF office on 01138876876 to pre-book a Home Visit appointment, otherwise our doorstep agent may have to arrive unannounced. Ref :Mxxxxx "I have today written to Rob Sands and the OFT regarding your continued harassment. I have no intention of arranging a home visit with you and the authorities have been notified in advance of any unauthorised attempt for you or any representative to trespass on
  5. I've just noticed that Rob sands came from McKenzie Hall. is it a coincidence then that a file that was being dealt with by them is now being dealt with by MMF? he hasn't taken a list of their files with him has he??
  6. Sent This response, "If you decide to take this course of action then the police and OFT will be informed. Please provide evidence that you have authority to pursue this alleged debt and evidence that it has been passed to you from MacKenzie Hall as this issue - in my opinion has been resolved - at the very least it is in dispute. This approach is evidence of harassment so please communicate with me by email only to resolve this matter. I have no intention of making an appointment with you and any further threats of such a visit will be dealt with by the relevant authorities.
  7. Received this one today. going to send the original response I sent above unless there is anything different I should be using?? Our Ref: Mxxxxxx WageDayAdvance Payday Loan Debt Value: £xxxxxxx One of our Doorstep Agents will shortly be attending your property and this is a formal request for you to provide an agreed appointment time and date, failing which, our agent will have no option other than to arrive unannounced. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS MATTER AS COSTS AND INTEREST WILL SHORLTY START TO BE ADDED TO THE ACCOUNT BALANCE AND WILL GREATLY INCREASE THE AMOUNT YOU WILL H
  8. I've written the OFT complaint form and will send .... is it 100% that they cannot doorstep call - particularly after the emails expressly not wishing to make an appointment and offering email communication?
  9. but am I not then going to be giving MORE personal information that the DCA will have access to by using the lists provided by these agencies? at least at the moment i'm not 100% sure they know which doorstep to go to by only communicating by email. I have had nothing at my home address from them in writing.
  10. It doesn't state either way. this is the first email communication I received from them. Dear Mr xxxxxxxxx, HOME VISIT- Pre-Appointment Notice Our Ref: Mxxxxxxx WageDayAdvance Payday Loan Debt Value: £1,062.00 We note that we have not heard from you in response to our earlier communications. Your file is shortly scheduled to be transferred to one of our Home Visit Divisions. We are happy to try to resolve this matter without conducting a Doorstep Visit and would ask you to contact us by telephone or email to discuss repayment terms. Please note that if we do no
  11. thank you could you also move the reply with quote from brigadier2jcs?
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