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  1. Hi all, I currently own a property and I am having issues with a 3rd party company which do repairs on behalf of the building company (bellwinch) who built my house. 2 weeks ago we had a leak from our ceiling. A compnay came to repir the leak then repair the holes they had to cut in the ceiling. When they put plater on the ceiling they sanded it down without putting dust sheets on any of my things. everything was covered in dust and now my computer will not work. I have been working in IT for many years and the PSU had stopped working becuase it got clogged up with dust and all the other components over heated. I use my computer for work so I had to go and replace all the parts straight away. I then sent the company an invoice for the parts and they are saying that they will not pay. below are e-mails sent to me from the Managing Director. Can someone please advise me what I can do from here!!!!! I am desperate or some advise. 31/01/2008 In response to your email relating to the alleged failure of your computer, I have spoken in some detail to our company IT specialist and we are finding the content of your email difficult to understand. In relation to the mention of the carpet, in the first instance, I made sure that on the day after you raised the complaint, that I sent our operative back into your property, accompanied by one of the Sales girls from Bellwinch and neither of them could find a fault with the carpet. In relation to your computer, you mention in your email that, to your horror, when you removed the cover, that you found it covered in black dust. I must point out at this stage that the filler that we use for repairs to emulsioned walls or ceilings is white in colour and creates a very fine, airborne white dust. It most certainly isn’t black in colour and isn’t of a dense enough nature to stop the fan of a PC working. You mention that you took photos of the alleged mess in your sink, yet you do not mention that you have any photos or the damage to the PC or the dust within it. If you have these, I would certainly appreciate you forwarding them to me. You also mention in your email that you have lost all of your personal data. I find it quite odd that no attempt has been made to recover the data. In 98% of all cases, most major data recovery specialists would be able to recover this information with ease. I would have to question why in the process of repairing this computer, you included a new computer case and also a Terra Byte Hard Disk Drive. Normally any dust particles would only affect the drive under severe duress, and on the basis that the existing hard disk drive would have already been installed in the old base unit, it is very unlikely that dust would have got into the hard disk. Our IT specialist spent many years working in the Bank of England Print, which is an environment that creates an enormous amount of dust and having experienced PC’s working in that environment and having looked at this case it is quite unrealistic to think that such a small amount of very fine dust could have caused such extensive damage. It is my view that your PC should have been inspected by an unbiased 3rd party specialist to assess the damage. It is very difficult now to resolve this issue because you have taken it upon yourself to carry out extensive repairs, without JSL or Bellwinch having been able to inspect the problem. I will speak with Amanda Thomas further to try and find a course of action that we can follow. 1/02/2008 I am waiting for Amanda Thomas to come back to me. I understand that she is off today and will not return to work until Monday. I will speak with her then and someone will come back to you. Unfortunately, as I stated previously, based on the fact that you have already had the machine repaired, it is very difficult to resolve this issue. I am of the opinion that based on the fact that you were aware of the date of works, it would have been common place for the customer to clear the associated area, rather than leave a PC in the room and, in fact, leave it on, thus causing concern for the operative in sheeting it up for fear of it overheating. I would have thought that the most efficient way of resolving the issue of repair in the first instance would have been by way of your household insurer. If they then deemed this to be as a result of the actions of a 3rd party, then they would make a subsequent claim on their insurance. I am not sure that this route would have any success now, as you have had the machine repaired. I will speak with Amanda on Monday and someone will contact you
  2. Hi all, i'm having a real big issue with Orange at the moment. 5 months ago i took out a contract with Orange, i registered it to my home address, i moved out for the first 2 months of my contract while work was being done on my house. once i got back to my house i noticed that i have very minimal to no mobile phone signal. if someboday calls me i can never answer the phone (if it rings). i now have to forward all my calls to my partners mobile. she is on and 02 contract and has no issues at all. 2 weeks ago i called orange customer services and complained about the issue, they put there technical team on the case, 1 week later they came back saying that there is an issue with one of there masts? the woman from customer services said that she has said to the technical team this is not the right answer becuase i have had the phone contract for 5 months 1 more week later they have now come back saying that becuase of trees and the weather in my area. this is totally unacceptable, i called them back saying that i was not happy and that i wanted to cancel my contract, they said that i cannot do this but they would lower my monthly tariff. i said to them i don't care anout what money i'm paying i just want mobile phone signal so i can use my phone. they are still refusing to do this and want to chrage me nearly £500 to cancel the contract. on the orange website it says that mobile phone signal at my address is excellent. check it Orange - Coverage and International Calling - UK coverage my postcode is HP27 9LG, i live in monks Risborough with a dark orange patch of signal apparently i don't know what to do to get out of this contract!!!!!! please can someone help
  3. Hello all, a letter from Natwest turned up this morning offering £3035 i was orginally claiming for £4165, what do you think i should do? i was thinking about calling them and saying that i would like this plus the £125 for the court fee's? do you think i should ask for any other money? any advice would be much appreciated
  4. Thanks ever so much, i just got off the phone with Cobbetts, they said exactley the same thing, i was supprised at how helpful they were. thanks for the advice i will let you know how i get on.
  5. Hi all again, i have brought in the letter from the banks solictors. from what i can gather i need to get a response to them within 14 days. the letter is dated the 15th June. here is what is says 1 - This defence filed and served without prejudice tot he right of the defendant to apply for summary in respect of and/or to strike out the particulars of claim. 2 - If (which is denied) the claimant proves the allegation that the defendant debited charges tot eh claimant's back account, insofar as such charges were debited on the date or dates more than six years prior to the issue of this claim, any remedy in respect of the same, whether damages, restituation or otherwise, is barred by the operation of the Limitation act 1980 and/or the doctrine of laches and the defendant will apply to strike out this aspect of the claim and/or summary judgment 3 - The defendant is embarrassed by the lack of particularity pleaeded in the particulars of the claim to the extent that the particulars of the claim fail to disclose reasonable grounds for brining a cliam against the defendant. in particular of the claim do not disclose and legally recgnisable claim against the defendant. 4 - the defendant invites the claimant to remedy the above. in the event that the claimant fails to do so within 14 days of the service of the defence the the defedant will apply tot eh court for an order striking out the particulars of the claim 5- the defendant reserves the right to please furhter to the particulars of claim once and if the claimant properly particularises the same. in the meantime, it is denied that the claimant is entitled to the relief claimed or any relief as pleaded at all. please can i have some help i do not know what to do next or what much of this means.
  6. Hi All, i'm in real need of some help. i started the claim against the Natwest on 26/04/07, asking for my statements. the bank responded by sending these to me. after i calculated the charges to a massive £4019.64 inc intrest i sent another letter to the bank asking for the money back. i had no response so sent another letter asking again and threating them with court action. still nothing, so now i decided to take it to a small claims court. the Bank decided to Acknowledge the claim which gave them another 14 days. right at the last minute they have decided to defend the claim and i am waiting on a court date. i'm getting a little scarred now and don't really want to lose and owe the bank any money. i have had a letter form there soloicitors as well but the letter makes no sense as they are using some very techincal words. can someone please give me some advice on what to do? do i need to call the bank to try and work this out? many thanks
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