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  1. Not sure how to start a thread, so hope this is right, my husband has just recieved his bank statements from American Express, there is also a copy of application. Is this enough or does he need a copy of Contract?
  2. Thank you for helping, have managed to find another link for the spreadsheets, sheba72:D
  3. Why cant i get on the spreadsheet page to work out the bank charges that i do have! Can anybody help - thank you?!
  4. Hello, we have just logged in today and find this all alot of information, i think we need to slow down to read and learn to navigate! We have already sent off for past statements, it looks as if we will have to chase up Capital One and Lloyds Card, but Nat West have responded and American Express have already sent back the statements. Just need to work out what to do next! Wish us luck!:o
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