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  1. im part exchanging my home for a new bellway house. Bellway have asked me to have my gas and electrics tested and provide certificates in my current home and at my expense. I think that this is wierd request due to they are getting my house "as seen". Has anyone else ever heard of this or had this situation themselves.
  2. Im not rich and im not shrugging off my wages, im just living in the real world.
  3. how do you file to make someone bankrupt? There might be a slight problem with that, they has registered the company with companies house using a false name as a director.
  4. It would be a waste of time and effort, they have moved alot to avoid debts.
  5. I was given one months wages out of the two months i was there, i have only just received the wage slips for both months. I have never been given a reason why i was not paid in December.
  6. i walked out of a job in December 2010, i left because i did not get paid and have still not been paid to-date. I have recently received a wage slip from my old employer with Decembers date on. It shows that national insurance and income tax have been deducted but i was never paid any wages. Is this fraud against the government by my former employer? If it is can i take any revenge/ action against them.
  7. i start a new job at the end of february, i work for a company on a weekly paid basis at the moment and ive handed my notice in today, i put on my notice that i want to leave on the 23rd february but i only have to give a weeks notice. what i would like to know is: 1, can the company ask me to leave early despite me giving them a date when i want to leave? 2, if the company do ask me to leave before my requested leave date, do they have to pay me untill the 23rd of february. Thank you
  8. yes i was paid in cash for the first month with no wage slip and they still owe me £1200 in outstanding wages, ive not had a contract of employment, ive contacted the tax office and they confirmed that the company have NOT paid any tax and ni for me to date. im a plumber
  9. i was a paye employee, they had taken tax and national insurance off me but ive not got a wage slip, im also registered with the tax office as being and employee of the company
  10. please dont be offended, but is my location relivant?
  11. they are on niceics wall of shame as a false advertiser. But i would like to know if there is anything i could do?
  12. ive had a look at companies house website but nothing there to say if its legal or not? thanks
  13. my now ex employer has registered thier company with companys house but using a false name, they have used the correct surename but not the correct christian name, i believe they have used thier middle name. Is this legal? I am also owed around £1200 pounds in wages which has failed to turn up and ive never recieved a wage slip from them, everything was done in cash(i worked there for two months) i have also been told they they have NOT paid income tax or national insurance for me. Any suggestions would be grateful. I know the small claims court would be useless because they would go to ground for a while and they have no assests, they have done this before with other companies they have had. They are is also adertising themselves as a niceic registered eletrician & part p registered electrician , but i know that he is not any of these. Again any suggestions about what i could do about this aswell. I want to stop this cowboy from operating if possible. Thanks for looking and a happy new year to you all.
  14. just to add i did my contracted hours everyday
  15. my hour where 8.30 - 5.30 mon-fri i dont know how accurate the tracker was because i worked from home and the head office was based around 60 mile away.
  16. costs can not be claimed against the other side in a employment tribunal.
  17. i was recently made redundent and ive now lodge a complaint via the tribunal service because of the way i was selected. can someone please advised me if a company can use a vehicle tracker as a form of time keeping. i was based at home and the company was based around 80 miles from my home and i had no access to a clock machine. thank you
  18. i took out payment protection insurance on my mortgage in january 2009, incase i got made redundent. I was made redundent in june of this year and applyed for the insurance(which is meant to get back dated to the day i lost my job). The insurance company have now said because i got payment in lue of notice they will only pay from 14th july. i have looked everywhere in there t & c, but unable to find anything that says this. can someone please let me know if they have had the same experiance and if so what can i do about it. i like a good fight against companys.:grin:
  19. has anyone had any dealings with this company. if so what type.
  20. they did have public liabilty insurance. I also gave two statements a few days after the accident happened.
  21. im a plumber and i had a accident at work where i flooded a block of flats. the ex-eployer have give my name and address to a solicitor who is acting on behalf of the insurance companys.
  22. can a ex employer from nearly three years ago give my name and address to another company without my consent?????? PLEASE HELP
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