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  1. Sorry craigman replied to Ims21 instead of yourself as Ims21 has been of immense help to me too. Good luck and happy spending:-)
  2. Yes thank you. I think I have gone as far as I can at the moment. Your help, patience and guidance has been invaluable and taken some of the frustration out of a powerless situation. Please change the thread by all means to reflect this. Once again many thanks:-)
  3. Thanks for making it simple - nlow I get it - ha ha ha:lol:
  4. :-)Wow now you have blown my mind totally:???: Thanks for all your patience Ims21 - still not getting it fully but appreciate your responses all the same and will wait for the refund landing in my bank account.
  5. I have got it badly wrong - just realised what I was doing in the maths department!!!! Getting carried away I think!!!! Anyway, at least I have got some idea of what I am owed. The rising each day they fail to pay still confusing me but think I have drove you crazy enough for one night!!!! Thanks again Ims21for your invaluable support. If I eventually do get paid out I will let the forum know. Good luck to everybody out there in the same boat as me:wink:
  6. YesI am using Windows but will wait for my Son to explain your directions as ot sure what I am doing!!!! The offer was for £391 not £371 as I have been saying!!! They offered this with a simple 8% interest attached to it. I am really sorry but I am still not getting the final figure to expect. Do you mean that on top of the offer of £391 I should expect 8% per month on the rolling figure: £391 + 8% = £391 + £31.28 = £422.28 for August £422.28 + 8% = £422.28 + £33.76 = £456.04 for September etc. etc. Or have I got it badly wrong?????
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So rising each day they delay payment - does that mean each day from date of offer letter in August 2011??? Or am I being extremely optimistic and delerious now:lol:
  8. After much searching no Excel!!!!! Not doing very well am I?????
  9. I canot open it to fill in the details!!! I paid £18.74 per month from 16.08.09 to 16.02.11.
  10. The loan was for £2750 - taken out on 31.08.09 - the final payment is on 16.07.12 The total of the loan with interest will be £3805.56. I have just rang Lloyds and they said that I had a separate PPI payment of £18.74 per month. This was also paid on direct debit but was separate to the loan payment direct debit. They said that as this was the case and the PPI was not attached to my loan then I would simply get back the £371 they offered in August 2011. They also said that what is stated in my offer letter that I should add 8% is not true and that they do not need to recalculate
  11. Not really a wizz with the fine tunings of it but my loan was for 3 years due to finish in July 2012. I paid £18 per month PPI but I cancelled it in March 2011, so only pay loan payments back now minus the PPI. Therefore, they offered me £371 in August 2011 which equates to what I had paid in PPI prior to cancelling it. I do not know how to calculate it and then add the 8% so am not sure what the final refund will be. All my payments have been on direct debit. I was not sure if I used the £371 offered in August and then for each month they failed to refund kept adding 8% to this. I did
  12. Is there a template for Letter Before Action?? Many thanks
  13. PPI on a bank loan. I cancelled the PPI in March 2011 and put a claim in to get back what I had already paid. The loan is due to finish in July 2012. I owe them £50 and that is it.
  14. I have had the same problem with Lloyds TSB. I accepted their offe3r in August 2011 and am still waiting for a paultry £371!!!! I have phoned them a million times and got lied to or fobbed off. I have involved the FOS (April 2012) and they have written to be saying that due to the backdate they too are in a queue for some resolve and they will get back to me in the next 3 months (this time is up in July 2012). I have also written a letter of complaint to Lloyds TSB, Customer Care PPI, Tredegar Park, Newport. NP10 8SB on 06.06.12 but never even received an acknowledgement of this. In my f
  15. Many thanks ims 21 - appreciated. Does anybody have an e-mail address for: Lloyds TSB Compliance Dept. Mountbatten House Military Road Chatham ME4 4JF Tel: 01634 834 207 Also try: 01634 829 222
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