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  1. Hi, Abbey's time is up - i now have to decided which way to go. Everyone here seems to have had success via the court. I'm worried about 'screwing up' my claim if i don't send the right documents also if it goes to court what info do i need as it seems all the cases which have been thrown out are due to lack of info or the wrong info. Is it quicker/easier to go via the ombudsman or should I just take the bull (ABBEY) by the horns and go straight to court. My claim is for £2500 and is mainly due to cheques being paid before funds available. Help someone. I really need advice on which way to go and what i need to file if in court. Sorry i sound so naive but this is all new to me. If delayed my claim for long enough and now really need to decide where to go. Thanks everyone. Keep up the good work.
  2. Hi, Abbey have refunded me £380 of my request for £2951 this was only as a 'goodwill gesture' (since when have banks had goodwill!!! This was not put as a full and final settlement so I have written to them stating that I want the rest as well!! They have until 3rd. July to respond. I am thinking about going to the Financial Ombudsman first as the thought of court is quite daunting for me - what evidence/paperwork do I have to supply to either of these, hopefully them I can make the right choice. any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Cici1
  3. Abbey have paid £380 into my account with no explanation until 5 days later saying 'goodwill gesture'. they state that there charges are fair and that the info given to the Commos Treasury Committee only aply to credit card default charges not banks - this is the first time I've heard of this has anyone else? Also help needed. Should I now go to the Financial Ombudsman or should I now take it to the small claims court ? Opinions please, how have you got on either way. In a good note they did send me my 6 years statements within the specified time albeit 1 statement per envelope!!
  4. Help - Abbey have paid me £380 as a 'goodwill gesture' 5 days later I received a letter statting their charges are fair as the information provided by 'uk banks to the house of commons treasury committee relate to credit card charges only'!! they also say that the office of fair trading comments also were only in relation to credit card default charges and not bank accounts - this is the first I've heard, has anyone else had this response. Do I now go to the ombudsman or take it to court ? Advice from someone please...cici1
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