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  1. Is it here i post the answers to the link you gave me

    I know i am frustrating but i just dont get it

    and thanks for your time and patience i know you dont have to do any of this

  2. Hi been a bit of delay because motherboard blew on my p.c(great timing) can i just clarify one thing if i copy and paste the article in to this thread as it asks for personel info will that mean it is open to the forum I dont mind if thats the way it works date of issue of claim form is the 23/aug/2019 so i think i have a few days to respond
  3. Hi Correct I dont know if i am doing this correct by forum rules If not please advise thanks
  4. Who are lucas anyway this debt is from my old address, mobile phone contract, i informed talktalk i was moving and they informed me that the coverage in that area was not very good, i tried to cancel but they said you cant you have to pay the full contract.and they informed me they would send me a final bill which i could dispute. when i left my old address all other bills bar this and one other were fufilled. a month ago i recived a pre-assesment from lowell i requested a SAR from them and talktalk they had merged the debt from talktalk and cashplus in to one debt. I also
  5. Anybody out there having thier cardsaver account with debit card hijacked by Barclays whom are are moving all accounts to themselves only to be told sorry your not creditworthy and we cant supply you with a debit card you will have to build a repution with us (Duhh I have been with the woolwich for 10 years) anybody got the answer besides the obvious of a peacefull sit-in protest at their lovely offices in canary wharf I live 5 miles away i could make it a regular thing HE HE
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