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  1. I need a little help with my defence. I have been looking at the defence in the sticky and it does not fit my situation. The car park that I used is free for people to use in the evenings. I parked in a position that is not a marked bay but I did not cause any obstruction, or any difficulty for other users to negotiate there way in or out of any parking bays or roadways within the car park. my reason for parking where I did was the place was full. Because it is a free car park I did not overstay or neglect to display a ticket or pay the correct fee. Any suggestions for a good defence needed.
  2. Death, Taxes and I will defend this that's three things I'm certain of.
  3. the claim is from PCN (NW) LTD and they have employed GPB Solicitors LLP to pursue the matter. I have a feeling the landowner would wash there hands of the whole issue, giving the usual "we employ a company to manage the car park" blurb.
  4. POC The Claimant's claim against the Defendant is for breach of contract in respect of a notice issued to vehicle (???????) on (date) at (Location) following unauthorised parking event: OUTSIDE DESIGNATED PARKING SPACE. The Terms And Conditions to which the Defendant agreed to be bound by using the site were clearly displayed in prominent places throughout the site. The Claimant's claim is inclusive of recovery costs as per the Terms and Conditions, notice of which was given to the defendant by way of a parking charge notice and numbered 12345678. And the Claimant
  5. I received court papers N1 today for a parking charge notice, and I fully intend to defend the claim. I've not been to the forum for ages so I need to do some reading to get my defence in order. I will keep this thread posted with any developments. First job is to tick my Acknowledgment of service and pop it in the post.
  6. Hi Joulin I'm glad you took my advice by joining this forum I've had a look around and found a letter you can send. It was written by Bookworm for a similar problem to yours, and I've amended it as best as I can to fit your situation. Just fill in the parts required and send it off. Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased a Telescope [ make model etc] from you [name of company] on [date]. The conection to the trypod failed on [date]. On contacting you, you refered my complaint to the dealer [name] I have had no reply or contact from the dealer and you have refused to respond
  7. You need to get your info together input it into the calculator and find out how much they owe you. If it is more than owed on the card start the reclaim process. they should roll over pretty quick with a CC claim because they can't have it stayed. Have you checked your credit file? it may well be that the account has been defaulted and frozen at £x.xx the amount they feel is outstanding. If you have not had a statement for over a year you need to send a SAR to get an upto date picture of what they are claiming and what they owe you.
  8. If the CC agreement is found they can begin to persue the debt at any time regardless of any time limits. If they breach the time limit, your only course of action is to report them to your local trading standards. Who will then promptly do nothing. They can't just go directly to court though! How would they explain to a DG that it has taken so long to produce an agreement? Also it is my belief that if they do have an agreement then they won't take their time producing it. If they don't have it then yes, you both enter a stand off. They will (even though they are not entiled) put a defaul
  9. I don't know what a Preference Account is sorry. You say you opened it in 2007, how long has it been since you made a payment? The loan may well have charges also so you can place this account in dispute as well to give you time to get some kind of plan together, don't worry your not alone you'll get plenty of help. The CC should be the first one to get resolved they can't stay CC cases. The current account will take longer because of the test case. Are you on benifits this will have a bearing as to what they can do and how much you can afford to pay? They have had a b
  10. Try going to your local branch in person. This sometimes works, be very polite and explain the circumstances as you have done above.
  11. Send this as soon as possible Data Protection Act 1998 Subject Access Request your name and address Halifax Bank Data Protection Manager Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2UJ Dear Sir/Madam ACCOUNT/CARD NUMBER: ************ ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Please supply me with a complete detailed list of transactions and charges relating to my account history with your organisation I require a full disclosure of any and all data that you hold about me, including but not limited to notes to the account, and any other relevant data. Addit
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