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  1. Hi again folks, This is still dragging on so this is where we are now. The person who caused the accident is about to be prosecuted, I was found not to be at fault in any way. Ok that bit over, my insurers has offered my £7525 despite me providing evidence that I could not find a 7 week old bike to replace it for that price, in order to be put back to a position I was prior to the accident I would need between £8700 and £9000. There 8 weeks to resolve this have now expired and I have now passed it to the Ombudsman to make a decision on the settlement I have been offered.
  2. unfortunately not H, I didn't even know what it was until I got myself into this mess, its all with the ombudsman now as myself and insurers are in deadlock
  3. Thanks for your feedback also unclebulgaria67, I think my previous reply covers your concerns
  4. Hi Angrycrow, Thanks for replying to my problem above, Aviva have only told me verbally that the admit total liability, to clarify what happened I was only traveling slow, about 30mph, the rider in front, waved me past him with his right arm, as I indicated to pass him his front wheel left the tarmac and went into the soft verge and he lost control of his bike, I went over to the other side of the road in an attempt to try and avoid him but he ended up coming over to the other side of the road as well, I had no chance of avoiding him, The wording on my policy does not include n
  5. I hope someone, anyone can help me Background motorcyclist in front of me losses control, drops bike in middle off the road, im behind him and go straight over the top of him, result, both bikes totalled, he had busted back, I had minor injuries. He admits total liability to Aviva (his insurers), my bike is 7 weeks old and cost 10k new, insurers offer me 7.5k.. in the meantime my loan bike from my insurance company goes bust, I get pulled by ANPR for no insurance, luckily because BLD have stickers all over the bike I get off with it, that is first issue against insurer
  6. Many thanks to all the people that have posted, in short i have taken the points and paid the fine, my company refuse point blank to take any responsibilty although I have never had any training at all regarding my company vehicle which i have driven for the past 3 years, I wouold of taken the matter further, however im sure you understand that "by rocking the boat" im only making a rod for my own back, i,ll put this one, reluctantly down to experience. On a further note for readers, since incurring this fine it has become very apparent that most car drivers(also licenced to drive my van)
  7. Hi Thanks for your feedback, not sure what you mean by above, I am an I.T engineer our company leases vehicles through autolease, my transport manager phoned me to tell me about this ticket, when he said doing 58 in a 60mph i asked him what the hell he meant, it was then he told me about this law, a few days later i recieved my NIP in the post My point is he assumed everyone new about this regulation, by asking other people he quickly realised how wrong he was, very few people knew
  8. Definately go for enta.net, ive been with them about 7 years, 30gig daytime monthly allowance with 300gig allowed 10pm till somewhere around 7am, im pretty much into p2p, never hit my limit yet
  9. Hi All Im after a little advice, I got caught out by speeding in a van over 2 tonnes, its a company vehicle, I was doing 58 in a 60mph zone, when my transports manager phoned me to tell me I was told everyone knew, he later phoned me back and retracted that statement after speaking to several other employees who also didnt know that the Ford connect was classed as a light goods vehicle and subject to 50mph on A roads. I would like to know if they (my company) have a duty to incorporate into company handbook, memo or any other form of communication to there employees that such restri
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