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  1. Ask them for a copy of the contract you have with them that you are allegedly in breach of . I bet you will never see any such mythical document , bred from the lies of **** for brains telephone chavs.
  2. I had AK chase me for a statute barred debt too . And they got my name wrong , similar to your case . I didn't bother answering them , they just went away in the end.
  3. Might want to send a subject access request too. 10 years of paying IJ ? , an S A R ought to make for some interesting reading .
  4. If only a few months to go , I'd consider not doing a thing . Prolong the non communication unless you are absolutely compelled to have to make contact.
  5. They are showing the episode of dragons den when they had truecall on it , on dave tv . It's the episode that is on now , the truecall inventor isn't being interviewed yet . at 20.23 , 1st july 2010.
  6. You should encourage them to come and visit you . They think these visits are a form of psychological warfare , that you are in fear of the doorbell ringing , case it be them . Tell them to get round your house asap , whenever they like . See who blinks first , you who cares less , or them that pays the petrol prices to get there .
  7. Or you could just ignore them . They are only the dregs of such debt type companies , chasing after a 14 year old debt . I do not know if they are worth a stamp . If you do reply , and waste your stamp , you alert them to your presence and willing to take the bait of the worthless wretched companies tactics . From that alone , they may feel you are fair game . Best to let them continue in their futile and worthless pursuit unanswered . If they go away , then that is that , the phishers have gone . If they do not go away , you will have built up a catalogue of threat letters from them upo
  8. It would not be under the limitations act , it is beyond it's scope . It would be covered by fraud legislation.
  9. That was also with HFC bank (DMD v RW) . Similar to the HFC account they came after me for 11 years later with no payment nor acknowledgement in the period , most certainly statute barred , but it is not RWC company policy to recognize statues of law .
  10. I'm not sure how long these search request appear or have an effect on your credit report . I know back in 2007, robinson way did the same thing to me , with multiple credit searches on me after I declined to pay them a statute barred debt . I applied for a credit report in 2010 and those searches were no longer apparant . I suppose they are used for short term detractions to your credit rating ?
  11. You should read disk man dave's epic encounter with said robinson way on a similar issue : http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/71386-diskmandave-robinson-way-co.html
  12. Offer them one formal complaint for this debt , that is about the going rate.
  13. And the OFT . But yes, make life difficult for them . Hound them with complaints , create a paper mountain . They hate that . Be a pesterance and an annoyance , give them no respite .
  14. Robinson way for me . But they were resolute , even in the face of a statute barred debt. You do not get tenacity like that these days , you could insult them freely and they would come back for more on their fruitless pursuit for payment . Those were the days.
  15. Nobody came for me for any old debts for years . One day I checked my credit file and next thing I know , there are dca's coming after me for them. Didn't really matter to me by then because they were statute barred , but I definetely think there was a link between checking the report and the surfacing of these entities. I did apply for and get a credit card at the end of the 6 years ( a few years before i checked my credit file ) and this didn't seem to attract any unwanted attention from dca's.
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