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  1. Thanks Bankfodder and DonkeyB, I will be taking over this now on her behalf. Reading the MSE site it looks like this company need to be taken to task.
  2. Hello fellow caggers, i'm hoping you can help my mother in law out. she has paid Aims Reclaim £250 up front to sort out her PPI claim against Barclaycard. That was 2 months ago and now they have sent her a questionnaire to be completed in PENCIL and signed in ink. She is 75 years old and very trusting and paid this money out after repeated phone calls from this company. She only told us the other day as she was short of money and had no food in the house. I know she should of done a SAR to Barclaycard and paid £10. Is there any chance she can get the £250 back from Aims or is it long gone. Thanks in advance. Jim
  3. I dont care if they ban me but you are are **edit**. What ****** company do you work for?
  4. It is disgusting imo that this event is allowed. I hope Minty Challis from Dale farm turns up with her crucifix.
  5. It must have a filter on, so typing in "brilliant" is not allowed as it would be a lie and they wont ever tolerate lies in their industry.
  6. If you want to post be a guest named bob and your email addy as: [email protected],co.uk.
  7. Hi Count, there was a post on here yesterday with a reply saying type john harris its an illusion into google, I did now i'm even more para. The tpuc.org website is very interesting reading.
  8. Moorcroft have been advertising quite a lot in a london paper seems they need fresh blood. http://www.hcportal.co.uk
  9. Thanks Fred, Aegis have ben calling my home and mobile up to six times a day on each number. I have not been answering this strange 08081013405 number. After reading your post I felt empowered to engage. I used your your words, his reponces were not the same but at the end of the call he was silent. I have not had one call or text today. From now on I will always use this, thanks jimmy1811
  10. Thanks Parkvale and Livelylad, I hope to have my new bank account set up by the weekend and then I will send off my first letter SAR to them. Should I just go for the last six years or go for the last twenty? I bet they wont have any records going back that far.
  11. I had a similar problem with a dealer called freeupgrades.co.uk and Three.co.uk. I'm no expert on this but the advice I got was to cancel in writing within seven working days after recieving the handset recorded delivery. I sent this to both the dealer and the provider. I also found that they had opened two insurance policys which I said I did not want and also had to cancel these. I contacted consumer direct who were a great help. I sent the phones back to to dealer only for them to refuse to accept delivery. I think I only got the issue resolved by writing to the CEO of Three threatening court action for harrasment, after this the dealer seamed to mellow and wanted to talk to me and Three have stopped calling me. While this dispute was going on Three gave my details to a debt collection agency a week before any payment was due, so be aware of any strange numbers suddenly calling you. I believe writing to the CEO of Three helped me resolve my dispute, hope this is of some help to you.
  12. Thanks for the advice, i'll give it a try. If I do manage to get hold of them they clearly show how you can get conned by a dealer and bullied by a provider.
  13. I have been in a dispute with a phone (distance seller) dealer and Three, it there any way I can obtain the recordings of the calls they both made to me?
  14. First of all I'd just like to say this is a fantastic site. Just getting myself prepared to claim back my charges that at have times crippled me. Seeing as I have been with this bank for twenty years it would be like winning the lottery if I could go back that far, is it right that I can only go back six years? I am going to open another account with a different bank before I start this action because I feel they might get the right hump and make life difficult. To be honest it feels pretty scary taking them on, but if I win then the beers on me. Keep up the good work. Jimmy1811
  15. Hello Jamie, I am having a similar problem with a company called freeupgrades.co.uk I sent two phones back to them only for them to refuse to accept delivery. They said that because the RMA codes were not on the outside of the package they could not accert them. I have contacted West Yorkshire Joint Services/Trading Standards and they have told me that they cannot refuse delivery on these grounds. I put my cancellation in writing within seven days recorded delivery, to both freeupgrades and Three.co.uk I am now getting calls from 08701 242495 which I see from other threads is mercers debt agency. I have not answered the phone when this number comes up. My saga continues and if I have to fight this in court I will.
  16. Hello to you all this is my first post on your wonderful forum. Today I recieved a call from 08701 242495. No message was left and as I am in dispute with a mobile phone dealer I did a google search which brought me hear. I was offered two upgrades for free and a change of provider. The phones arrived, were not what I wanted so I declined the offer and sent the phones back only for the dealer refuse to accept delivery. The company are called freeupgrades.co.uk. Three.co.uk are also giving me grief saying I have a contract with them. I have stated in writing to both companies within seven days that I wished to cancel. I have informed trading standards who are investigating. I now have the phones again and am not sure what to do next. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks jimmy1811
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