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  1. Sadly not or i would have laughed a little more. They got a little posher and sign Assessment Manager now, all adds up to the same though. i still love the line "we will have to advise our client to take further appropriate action". Theyve been advising them of that for the past 10 years you would think they would get the hint that i know they cant touch me. By the way the debt has risen by 5K during that time despite the fact interest was frozen. The best bit no CCA and no SAR provided, police have spoken to them as have trading standards just give up!!!
  2. Oh sorry forgot to say todays letter also holds the phrase "if you are not the named person above please contact us quoting address ID xxxxxxxxx to stop further communication" If they were really going to send someone to my doorstep then you would think they would know i lived there first. Do they really think i believe that a phone call to them would stop communication?? must think we were born yesterday.
  3. Hi all been a long time since i posted but been enjoying myself reading about this lot today. Got my first letter from them this morning stating Door step assment by an authorised Merit force collector. Authorised by who exactly???? certainly not me to enter private property and come to my door. The debt in question is very old and without boring you all there is a very long tale to it. Think this debt has been to just about every DCA in the uk so it seems we are moving up to scotland now!!! As you can tell by my tone im not worried. Saw off at least 30 other DCA's so bring on the new. I have had every trick in the books, Thretened Bankruotcy, Balifs, CCJ's Closure of my business, repossesion of my house, Killing of my cat (which ive never had a cat by the way) contacting neghbours even a you have won a prize ring this number. Just wanted you all to know you are not alone and they never give up so just roll with it and have a bit fun along the way at their expense. x
  4. Hi folks sorry this probably isnt the best place to post this one but havent quite worked out how to start a new thread yet. My problem is with a business property. We took over a lease on abusiness premises aprox 18 months ago. naively we signed a contract based on what the sales guy told us and as it was our first business premises we needed to move quickly. We paid or deposit of 2500 and have paid our rent and service charges and buildings insurance to the landlors evry month without fail. We were always honest with these people that we only wanted a one year lease so they give us a contract for three years with a break clause included after the first aniversary with a full repairing lease, however we were a little concerned that the prmises had not been checked over by the landlord before the previous tennant left and therefore took a couple of photos of things like missing gas meters etc. We have now given our notice and the letting agent Ashtennes has sent in a surveyor. They have given us a dilapodations report that comes to 15K for work that to be honest hadnt been done when we moved in. We had been told by the agent when we signed the contract that they would just look around before we handed over the keys and so long as it was left in the same condition as when we moved in that would be fine. It is actually in better condition now than when we moved in and we have even tracked down the previous tennant who is willing to stand up in court and confirm it is in a better state of repair than when he left. i am a very stressed little bunny. we are only a small family ran business so paying this value or not getting my deposit back would finish us off and leave people without jobs. We had hassle before me moved in and had to delay opening for 3 months as the roof was unsafe and the agents had to get it fixed. I think this is why they are trying to get us. any help gratefully accepted i am going to meet with them tomorrow but i feel a waste of time coming on. Before we moved into th
  5. well just found this by accident and i could be here all day on the subject of barclays. I didnt know anything about this reserve thing and had asked for it to be removed at least five times now and have been to it can not be removed. I found out about the whole thing when my joint account Which i use to pay my dads bills) went overdrawn by £20 for wait for half an hour!! this was because our local branch decided to change its opening hours without letting us know so when i went to pay in cash they were closed. By the time i got home and done an on line transfer i was over their cut off period so they classed the credit as the next day. Got the letter to tell me i owed £22 and i was irate rang them and they said tough i do not qualify for a refund its my own fault. It would have only cost me £8 to bounce the payment and as its coming to the end of its life anyway it wouldnt have bothered me if they had, i even said despite the fact it was their fault i was happy to pay the £8 but not the £22 fell on deaf ears. It gets better though. I later had a sales guy in at work trying to get me to change to their business banking (as if) and he said if i moved my business account over i could have a designated account handler and that they would get the charges written off which just goes to show they can if they want to. Needless to say i didnt take the business account and ended up paying the £22 charge but the reserves are still there even though i have asked for them to be removed. The miracle of banks!!
  6. havent posted for a long time but here goes. We had hassle from these guys several years ago and had lots of dealings with the nice Jason Evans. They threatened Baliffs, bankruptcy etc on a debt we nothing about sent SAR and requested copy of credit agreement and amazingly nothing happened apart from they used the cash against the debt which our letter clearly stated was not to happen. They have since passed this on to 5 different collection agencies which i now totally ignore as i know this is not even a valid debt. I did report this to our local trading standards and they did take it very seriously and also lucky for me (in a very sad way). the police were at my property during one of the telephone calls which was on loudspeaker and they couldnt believe what they were hearing, again they took this matter very seriously as they saw it as threatening behaviour and also contacted them on my behalf. The long and short of it is it is illegal foe anyone to enter onto your property (including garden and outbuildings) without your permission this extends to anyone. Unless you revoke permission then it is taken that you have goven these people right of passage on your property so if they start giving you all their blurb please stick a letter in the post to them stating under no circumstane are any of their staff or designated staff allowed on your property. Dont know if this applies to all areas of the uk but by what the police told us it is. Not that you really need to go to this extreme its all talk on their behalf anyway they will try any lie to scare you into paying and they get worse the more you fight back. Just rest in the knowledge that 95% of the debts they chase are either invalid and dont actually excist or they are un enforceabe for a million different reasons. So in brief a message to all chased by these jokers forget them, dont worry about anything they say as there isnt an acurate word comes from their lips. Hope that manages to put a few demons to bed;)
  7. Glad i havent got a cat, but they did threaten to come to grandmothers funeral with a bankruptcy order. That was almost 2 years ago and although poor old granny is now floating in the wind i think ruthbridge must have got lost cos they never appeared. Its such a shame its about the first time i had actually got dressed up smart in years!!
  8. hi all. Nice to see you are all still in such high spirits. i have been off line for ages been nursing a sick hubby again (at least he seems to like the nurses outfit). Think ODC is right about the school hols though all has been quiet from the school bullies. Oh and today was d day 12 + 2 + calander month and guss what the postie brought me today?? thats right nothing!! Nice to see there are some new power rangers on board too. Keep up the good work all, hopefully i will be back on line properly v soon missing my daily cag. think i have become an addict!!
  9. Oh ODC i hope you are not making yourself popular with our ruthless friends again!!! You know how much they love you. Keep up the good work. BB uk dont worry they try to harrass eveyone into not posting on CAG they obviously struggle to read the big words. Dont worry you are not alone. Send off your letters and dont forget to keep copies of them all. You will probably need to go and buy a very big file to put them all in but when its all over it will keep you local recycling plant very busy.
  10. Glad to see us newbies havent been deserted, hurry and get yourself back i think i will be needing your advice very soon!! Bet it was the offer of vimto and pimms that done it:)
  11. Ooh 2 husbands sounds interesting but not sure its allowed on the cag forum. Always willing to give my input for what its worth. Sadly at stale mate at the moment although my pal at ruthbride Brian Blair (not really a wise choice of name for him as that was the name of my ex husband) does read my postings with interest so he said and he names people on cag by name so its good to know he obviously cant sleep at night!! Ive had some excellent advice from this sight and i have stated before that NO ONE can scare me into not having my say. Anyway i wish you well with your battle and i will most certainly keep you updated in my saga (in fairness my husband and ex wifes saga but what the heck im a girl that likes a good clean fight). Just one word of advice use the pm sometimes as you dont want to show all your cards at once you do have to leave the nice DCA's some form of excitement trying to second guess your next move. No doubt you will be getting an update from me soon.
  12. As a fairly newbie on cag i am sad to see anyone leave especially when there are so many of us just at the beginning of our battles needing help. DMD please stay and help us newbies out you know you want to!!! Ill even buy you a vimto or if your really adventurous a pimms (both taste the same to me but then again i cant tell the difference between gin and vodka either). Hope to see you back but good luck in whatever you choose to do:)
  13. Hi reading this one with intrest just one question Big bear are you my husband??? Our experiences are so simialr to your case same nasty ruthbridge, same cabot and possibly although we do not have any confirmation of this an MBNA debt from my husband previous marriage. We had so many abusive calls from Ruthbride 20+ ia day for more than a week threatening just about anything you could think of. No Security questions nothing. They have breached data protection many times and i do have recorded evidence. They claim my husband made a payment in Feb/Mar 02 so not too far away from the statute barred stage. Have made a CCA request and an SAR but as you would expect nothing. they are beyond the 12+2 and i am just playing the waiting game as the clock is still ticking. I have stayed up late many nights reading seahorses threads his letters are legendary. Hope when i get to the later stages he will be on my side. good luck anyway and if you are my husband its time you were in bed only one night owl in this household:)
  14. Not sure if anyone on this site actually sleeps. I have received so much advice and support from others on this site at all hours of the day and night. Hats off to you all the caped crusaders (please dont start wearing underpants on top of your trousers though) of CAG. us newcomers couldnt have gotton to this point without you, only hope in the months to come i can also help others. Glad to see people are starting to fight with knowledge.
  15. glad to hear we are all on top form with our friends. I am only a short while away from my complaint also going in to the oft the more of us sticking up for ourselves the better. Its about time someone looked into ruthbridges bully boy tactics. Keep your chin up all we are all in this together.
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