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  1. bad news if you're using the small claims system in Edinburgh. Got my return date and it's OCTOBER 10. Wee bit disappointed that it's so far away. I'd recommend that anyone using this system up here go to a quieter court house, as a friend of mine recently claimed in Fyfe, and was kept waiting only a month or so. Ah well... Just thinking of the interest... Meantime have just received a letter from NW demanding payment of the overdraft (the £230 worth of THEIR charges) within 5 days. Luckily my parachute account is open and my salary will be paid into it this month. Any advice MTM? Pay the overdraft and claim it back after this claim, or don't pay them, let them chase me, then reclaim it after this claim?
  2. OK. No problems. Sheriff was court was again really helpful. I'm now just waiting for the charge to be deemed served and a return date.
  3. OK... Claim filed at court today. Nice helpful chap at Edinburgh Sheriff Courthouse went through the paperwork and approved everything. I've been a bit of an idiot though and forgotten to give him a schedule of charges. I've just emailed the courthouse and will go up tomorrow with copies. Since it hasn't been served yet I'm assuming it will be OK to do so... Fingers crossed.
  4. Ta You don't think it'll be a problem that my LBA was sent to my branch rather than the experience team, who replied to my prelim?
  5. I'd rather continue with the claim as it is, which means filing my claim at court on Monday, but don't want to if the addresses may cause a problem. Any advice?
  6. Just a quick few questions. I sent my LBA a couple of weeks ago, but instead of the "Customer Experience Team", who replied to my original letter, I sent it to my branch, who, haven't replied (no surprises then). Will this be an issue? Should I send another LBA to the customer experience team, and if so, can I revise my schedule of charges at this stage to include the £230 they just whacked me with? Cheers
  7. Thanks MTM! Good to know you're around. Now officially playing "the waiting game". Bring it on.
  8. Thanks for all that! I've sent off the LBA for the original amount. Other past charges don't amount to much so I'm not too concerned as the hassle outweighs the benefit. Should hear back within a couple of weeks. The pending charges (£230)won't have been taken by then, as they are due on the 8th July. I'll probably finish this current claim as it stands, swallow the charges, and reclaim them after this. Sound reasonable?
  9. Thanks, may well do that, but I'm a bit worried about more than one claim for the same account. I'm in Scotland, and it seems the courts here are a bit sceptical about split claims. May use FOS for the second. Cheers
  10. Advice please?? Got my standard fob off letter today and I'm in the process of firing off my LBA. However since sending off my prelim I've discovered another couple of charges i'm owed, and I'm due to be charged another £230 at the beginning of July. Can I include these other past charges in my LBA, given that they were not included in the schedule I sent with my prelim letter, and can I do anything about the pending charges?? Any advice appreciated, coz I'm anxious to get this ball rolling and want to send off LBA ASAP. Cheers
  11. Hi there! Anyone know if I can still claim on an account that has been closed for 2 years? Cheers.
  12. Hi everybody. New to this, slightly excited, a wee bit apprehensive, but encouraged by this site. Sent the prelim yesterday. Let you know how it goes.
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