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  1. They've removed it for now. I provided them with proof in the form of a letter from my solicitor confirming it is required and a tool of the trade and also my business insurance certificate. I do work through the night and my contracts with companies state I need to attend call outs within 45 minutes so even during the day I would struggle to reach most places.
  2. Under Section 54 of the Magistrate Courts Rules it expressly prohibits bailiffs from removing a vehicle used in the course of employment and *under section 15 of the Court and Legal Services Act 1990 you cannot levy on: ‘Tools, books, vehicles and other items of equipment as are necessary to the debtor for use personally in a job or business’.
  3. Hi All I have a debt from a previous address which is in dispute. The matter is now with the ombudsman. Today bailiffs visited me and when I looked out the window there was a clamp on my car. I spoke with the bailiff and explained that the car was a 'tool of the trade' and without it i could not work. Further my divorce solicitors wrote a letter confirming this and I provided them with a copy of my insurance that states business use. Albeit this was amended as I mistakenly thought I could travel to and from my place of work but apparently that is not the
  4. Hi All First ever post and been a member here for years! I bought 2 laptops from Tesco the week before last as they were reduced to £150. One was pristine and had HP tape sealing it and the other was sealed with plain parcel tape so i asked if it was ex-display or a return. I was told it wasn't and the display model was still out. Got them home and gave to my Son and Daughter to congratulate them (belatedly) on their exam results and to assist with their study and work. The second turned out to be ex-display, it had sticker marks all over it and had the shelf an
  5. Hi Booked two return tickets to Amsterdam online with Easyjetfor my wife and i. Unfotunately the bookings are both in my name, dont know whose error this was. Have asked EJ to change but they want me to pay more than the original ticket price again. I understand why they do this, to stop people reselling. I however am not tryin to resell and fell this is then unfair. Advice and opinion is sought regarding whether i would have a claim under Contract law, ie: similar to bank charges in that the charges are unreasonable and punitive. Further they have added the "fare diff
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