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  1. Regardless of which court it is all Judges use a "reasonable man test". Any reasonable man would conclude that the banks are unreasonable and rule in your favour. It is a real bummer to be in such a position but like everyone else I believe you will win in the end. Be brave and stick it out.
  2. Castlebest...according to legal advice the judgement is unneccessary to prove the charges were unfair. The fact that they settled is conclusive enough ....if they could have defended, they would have. The charges were unfair END OF STORY. Well actually its the begining of the story...only they don't know it yet.
  3. I have not started with nationwide yet. Going into hospital shortly and wouldn't want to miss anything. Will commence once out.
  4. Thanks everyone for the congratulations and support. We (like so many others) have proven that the HSBC et al have been unfairly charging customers for years. I doubt that the banks will stop applying unfair charges but I do not doubt that eventually the government will produce some legislation (like a rabbit from a hat) that prevents Joe Bloggs from claiming. After all the banks and government are jolly good friends and golfing buddies. Get your claims in now...before the door shuts.
  5. This is our first post of many I am sure. Hello to all on the Nationwide threads. Fresh from our victory over HSBC (Highest Sodding Bank Charges) we are about to embark on a mission against the Nationwide. Given that these bank animals behave slightly differently anyone want to offer some early advice on the latest pitfalls against the Nationwide? Regards Dinky
  6. New thread to start on the NATIONWIDE threads....onwards ever onwards.
  7. Twas the night before Christmas....nothing was stirring ...except DG. They made a full offer in writing with the cheque. naturally we told them to sod off.......only kidding. We also managed to get an extra £100 as a gesture of goodwill following a last minute effort to resolve before mondays court date. Why did winning without going to court feel like an anti-climax??
  8. Nothing from the DG camp...no phone call to check if the post has arrived and with Friday being the last working day before judgement day it looks like we will be telling it to the judge. They could not get the funds to us on time in any case now so lets see what the judge orders. I hope (but know he won't) that he fines them an extra few quid for wasting court time.
  9. Will not be panicking nor accepting freakyleaky, in actual fact will not even be answering the letter. I have written to DG many times to which they have not responded. So why on earth do they think they can just write one letter at the last minute and expect us to ROLL OVER. Guess again. What letter? Postal strikes are a nightmare. See you in court guys.
  10. DG have sent a letter today stating a cheque has been sent in the post and requesting we sign their letter stating the agreed settlement funds have been accepted. As we have not received a cheque we are not signing anything of the sort. Also the alledged cheque is only for the basic amount claimed without the interest. This is unacceptable and we will not agree. Their eleventh hour attempt to save the HSBC will fail this time and I think we should just go to court. At least the judgement will order them to pay in full including the interest up to the 9th July 2007. I hate their complacency.
  11. Advice from those in the know please. Would a settlement out of court (instead of a judgement) mean that we could no longer pursue the HSBC. By that I mean if we go to court and the judge rules in our favour this means the charges would have been deemed unfair in law. We could then further claim that we had to sell our property as a result of inability to keep up repayments based upon HSBC applying UNFAIR charges. If we settle out of court no judgement would have been made. Anyone in a position to give advice?
  12. Seven days to the court date. Still no communication from DG.
  13. NUDGE LETTER...I don't think so!! Decided that I would be less than courteous.....as they generally are. Here is the letter sent. To DG Solicitors Dear Sirs I last wrote to you on the 13th June 2007 with regards to the claim number above. At the time of writing I have not received any communication from you in this matter and the lack of even a courtesy acknowledgement is duly noted. Given your refusal to enter into any communication with regards to settling this matter in an amicable manner I believe you have now had more than reasonable time in order to do so. Your ignorance to my correspondence is quite frankly appalling. My claim is for the sum of £2072.19 (plus additional interest up to the date of judgement) which means I will not currently settle for less than £2094.31 at the date of writing. Please do not insult me with a last minute attempt to negotiate an early settlement in favour of the Defendant for a lesser sum of money. I am more than prepared and happy to proceed to court unless the claim is now paid in FULL. I look forward to receiving either a cheque for the full amount or the court date whichever comes sooner. I will not agree to any confidentiality clauses nor waive any other rights in respect of any other actions. Yours faithfully
  14. Once a judgement has been made we intend to push matters further. lets face it once the judge states the charges were unfair we WILL be in a position to demonstrate that but for them we could have kept up our repayments. The next move is to take on the Nationwide who were partly responsible for the same. The Banks have licence to print money (or rob money) and it is about time that the man in the street put a stop to it as government clearly won't.
  15. Jim, don't hold your breath on the letter working. It does however strengthen your case if you have to go to court as it demonstrates that you have made every effort to resolve the issue without court action. Just keep it for future reference and good luck...like you will need it!!!lol
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