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  1. Upgraded 7 days ago today via phones4u but my apple iphone is faulty. They have agreed to exchange it for a new one but I have to send this one back before they will send me a new one. I have explained the problem with this - ie 5 days with no phone but they say this is the only way forward. I have asked to cancel the whole thing but they refuse. Surely if the handset is not fit for purpose and I ordered over the phone, there should be a way to cancel altogether?
  2. I am also having problems with Littlewoods after the calls me at an early hour on a saturday about 8 months ago and asked me would I like to take my then deferred payments over a longer term. Yes I replied and went back to sleep... It wasnt until a few months had passed that I noticed I owed far more than I originally paid for my TV and rang to query it. I told them I didnt want any finance and to give me my money back. Too late she said, I should have queried it within two months. I then decided to leave the matter as there was nothing I could do (yes I rolled over as requested) but since finding this site, Im determined to get my money back. The account is not in arrears and I have continued making the correct monthly payments but I still owe £1270 for a tv I have had for a year that only cost £1500 originally. I have today written asking for my money back as I didnt sign a credit agreement, do you think I still have a case despite the timescale??
  3. I bought my mortgage from GMAC who then without any notice at all, sold my mortgage on to someone else who I have never heard of. I wanted to know if this was legal?
  4. I have today received a letter from my 'new mortgage lender' telling me that GMAC have sold my account to them. Can they do this without telling me? I heard nothing from GMAC who now tell me they cannot discuss my account because they no longer have it! This seems a very shabby way of dealing with me. I have only been a customer for 3 months! Sandra:x
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