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  1. i started my process by following the steps in moneysavingexpert.com. it guides you through the whole thing. even provides all the letters you need and the correct addresses to use. you have to write to one address for the statements then to your branch to ask for your money back. if they say no then you start an online claim through the courts. is dead simple. when i reached the latter stages(once you get a court date) i was then directed to these forums which helped me secure a full settlement. good luck
  2. im probably just being impatient but its a lot of cash thats rightly mine and i could have done with it like..yesterday
  3. it just says that i must notify the court as soon as it is received, so i can only guess that they intend to pay up before 14th aug.
  4. **** received my settlement acceptence letter today for the full amount of £2269. any idea how long it will take them to credit my account? court date is 14th aug. i dont want to phone them and ask as i reckon they will just lie non stop to me. its what they are good at.
  5. i got both my letters from them yesterday. one saying they will defend the claim and the other offering me a full settlement. some people have received the same but not always on the same day. if they offer you a settlement and you are accepting it, remember to keep your court action going untill the cash has been returned to your account. only then should you send a letter on discontinueance to the court
  6. not the way i done it. i have never had contact with banks solicitors. all claim letters and charge shedule were sent to my local branch who dealt with it. they wilkl pass it to solicitors.remember, they are the enemy and will lie to you and give you mis information. its what they get paid for.
  7. quite a lot of claimants have been overpaid by similar amounts. buy the way, im going to use some of the money to pay the fee to go bankrupt. should save me about 18.5k , 10k of it, owed to lloyds. ha ha i got no aasets to give ah what a shame
  8. make sure you keep your court action going til the money is actually in your account. dont trust what they tell you. just a bunch of paid liars.
  9. im in the same situation with lloyds. they ran up a nice unauthourised overdraft by continuing to take loan payments by DD despite numerous attempts to cancel the DD. i am currently paying them £1.00 token payments on each account per month on the advice of the Consumer Credit councilling Service.they even cancelled the interest on the loan.the downside is that they will take steps to destroy my credit rating. do i care? not a bit. Lloyds just offered to repay £2269 in charges. all i have to pay is my £390 overdraft.i will continue to pay £1.00 per month towards the 10k loan.and not a penny more.
  10. if anyone else out there gets a settlement offer, make sure you keep your court action going untill the cash is back in your account.
  11. i got this letter also with the wrong court. the next letter in the pile was also from **** and this one was a full settlement offer of £2269. couldnt beleive it. my court date not til 14th aug and i havent even sent my paperwork to court(but i will just incase)
  12. this happened to me. nothing to worry about. you should get a date from your court and be given the options to appear in person or make a written representation to the court as to how the case should proceed. i still havent posted my written rep.i was going to do it tomorrow but i received a full settlement offer for £2269 today (5 weeks before court date)
  13. ive just been offered £2269 from SC&M(lloydstsb) but im only claiming £2169 including court fee and interest. i think this is because if i continued to court there would be further court charges of £100. more fool them for paying out more that they have to.
  14. i still cant beleive it. still got the court paperwork here.still gonna post it though and assume court will go ahead untill my money is returned.
  15. i have a court date in Cardiff along with many others on the 14th aug. i prepared my written representatioin but before getting a chance to post it, i received a settlement offer in full from lloyds solicitors(SC&M). of course im going to accept. funny thing is that they have offered £100 more than im claiming. total offer is £2269 including costs and further interest.result
  16. there are loads of claimants being dealt with on the 14th aug at the same time in Cardiff, including me. see one of the earlier posts on this thread, post no.10 by GaryH. just follow the two lings and print out the letter to the court and the Draft order for Directions. send one copy to the court and one copy to your banks solicitors(the defendant). in this case its Lloydstsb so send a copy to SC&M. No need for court bundle at this stage.
  17. just had a quick look. it will be an awsome help, thanks claire youknowsit
  18. ive not received any order to provide evidence, just the hearing date and the option to appear or make written representations within 7 days of hearing date. i have been reading some threads on this and have found it all very confusing and have no idea how to proceed.
  19. Hi there, ive just had a court date (14th aug) for Cardiff Court. my claim is for just over £2000 including interest. the AQ has been dispensed with(whatever that means). the court letter tells me i can appear in person or make a written representaion to the court as to how the case should proceed. how do i make a written representation or if i choose to go then what do i take with me? i really didnt expect it to go to court but it looks like Lloydstsb want to make claimants lifes as stressfull as possible. any advice will be appreciated. thanks
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