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  1. Bust. He had his chance and blew it. He took performance enhancing drugs which changed his physical make-up. Now nothing can change that and his body has been permanently tarnished.
  2. I think its down to the amount of posts that individuals have made. (excluding posts made in the bear garden).
  3. If you get chance head to the Davy Crocket ranch. There is a 'tree top adventure'. Although it's a short car ride from the main Disney, it's great fun (probably the highlight for me). Costs a bit extra but it's well worth it. Holy.
  4. Thanks for your replies. The company in question, as with many other companies have simply put a sleeve over the original box. It only mentions the 'free' bluetooth headset on the sleeve. It is stated in the phones manual that the phone comes supplied with a memory card and I confirmed this with the phones manafacturer. Breach of section 13 it is then. Thanks all. Holy.
  5. Thanks for your reply Lula, but have they broken any laws/acts/regulations by removing items from the box? I just need some ammo for when I actualy write and complain.
  6. Hi all, I recently brought a mobile phone for christmas which came with a 'free' bluetooth headset. The phone is supposed to come with a memory card which was not present with the phone. I have looked into the matter with both the retailer and manafacturer and think that the retailer has removed the memory card to make up for the cost of their 'free' bluetooth headset. Very cheeky I think. Are they really aloud to do this, does this not constitute some sort of theft? Holy.
  7. It's the pesky chimney that gets me every time, slows me right down! And that lear jet that keeps getting Jowalshy:mad:
  8. Thats not a bad distance at all Jowalshy, Maybe we should start a CAG league! PB: 93.783 Meters Global Ranking 24138
  9. If you have lots to do don't play this game!! Amnesias FlightSimX Paperplane Game
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